Your Daily Kitty Has An Intense Stare



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  1. Ten days before I went to the family cabin for a week, the area was hit by huge rains that washed out roads and raised the lake 10 inches. Then it raised another 4. The water in the boat house was higher than the rubber boots. By the time I got there, I could even see some of the dock and things were better. The evening after I left, The area was hit by two hours of sustained high winds (straight-line winds). No power over the catchment area of at least two major lakes and a number of small ones, trees down everywhere blocking roads. By our cabin, four of the lovely trees at the back of the cabin destroyed. One is down and made a big hole in the roof of the log storage shed and three others are so badly damaged they will have to come down.
    A terrible summer of bad weather there. Really tough on people trying to make a living in the 2-2.5 months of summer.


    1. Wow, that’s rough. It’s been a terrible summer on all fronts. I hope things improve all round.

      The news was saying it was the hottest June worldwide on record. All our infrastructure is built assuming certain climate norms and those are changing. It’s getting scary. A single 100-year storm plus a tidal surge (Hurricane Sandy) put a good chunk of the NYC area out of commission for quite a while. If things keep going the way they’re going, 100-year storms will become 10-year, or 5-year storms…..which will be Not Good.

      Who need dystopian fiction when you’ve got reality?


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