Sherlock: Season 4 Trailer

They’ve promised this season of Sherlock will be the darkest one yet. Looks like, if the trailer is anything to go by, they’re going to deliver.

So let’s recap where we are, just in case anyone’s forgotten. Despite the first three seasons of the show looking like they had dropped the entire “Sherlock is actually a bit of a drugged lunatic” facet of the character in favor of him being “spectrum” instead, the Christmas special revealed that… well actually…. Sherlock is a drugged lunatic of epic proportions. Moffat may have said in the run up the Christmas special was a one-off but that seems to have been a lie to throw us off the scent of it occurring in both eras.

During the panel itself, another interesting clue came up:  “Thatcher,” “Smith,” and “Sherrinford.” Exactly how a dead Prime Minister will be involved in anyone’s guess, but Sherrinford is the name of the fanfictioned-in “oldest” Holmes Brother, who was suggested by a “Holmes Scholar” after Dolye’s death as a possible character we never saw, and accepted as hypothetical canon decades before the words fanfiction and canon existed.

Some other choice quotes from the Sherlock panel, in which not only did c-creators Steve Moffat and Mark Gatiss appear, but so did Abigail Abbington (who plays Mary) and Benedict Cumberbatch, who stayed the extra day after his appearance at the Doctor Strange Marvel panel, despite not having originally been scheduled to do so.

Gatiss: “It’s no spoiler: We explicitly said it is the darkest season yet and still obviously full of laughs and fun, but is generally tonally dark.”

Cumberbatch, on the picture of him and the dog that was released last week: “It’s a blood hound that was supposed to drag Sherlock around but the stage dog wasn’t really feeling running around; it would just sit around.” (The sequence was rewritten to explain the dog not wanting to move.)

Abbington: Mary will have her baby, and working with babies is apparently the total worst. Still, “Mary is sassy and tricky, I think she’s so well-rounded as a character… Every character in this series is flawed in some way and that’s so much more interesting to watch and play.” Also, apparently the show didn’t give her the script with the reveal that mary was an assassin until after they filmed the first two episodes because they didn’t want her to accidentally make any acting choices that might give it away ahead of time.

And Moffat back pedaled on the quote that Season 4 might be the last. The entire panel made several jokes, including that there will be a Season 6 but not a Season 5. As long as fans are willing to wait long stretches like this, there’s not reason they can’t all go on shoehorning it into their schedules when the fates allow.


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