Your Daily Kitty Hopes You Come Home Soon



2 thoughts

  1. Lovely kitty! I wish I could pet you.

    I was up north of Boston over the weekend, and had two brief encounters (in the same place) that were…interesting. One was while taking a tour of a house and the tour guide saying that the slaves of the house had a better life than the local fishermen.

    The second incident was when our group was wandering around the house, and people were breaking off to look into different rooms. This had been going on for a good ten minutes, then the instant one of the non-white people broke off from the group, a tour guide said not to separate from the group since there were a lot of valuable things in plain sight and they didn’t want anything to go missing.

    Gotta love that Yankee hospitality….

    Other that that, it was a good weekend.


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