Beyoncé Leads VMA Nominations Because Of Course She Does

The MTV Music Video Awards are planning to get in formation, just as soon as Beyoncé agrees to come grace them with her presence.

Beyoncé, for the record, doesn’t need MTV. Beyoncé doesn’t play with basic cable. She’s not TV, she’s HBO. So in order to entice the Queen Bey to step foot on their once powerful channel that now is home to also ran Game of Thrones wannabe programming and which has to sprint to keep up with Kardashians. They’ve nominated her for 11 awards, more than they’ve ever offered her before.


Only Adele even comes close with eight nominations, which means that MTV thinks they only need to offer her just offer half of what they’re offering Beyoncé to get her to fly all the way from London, while Bey only needs to hop on her private plane for a three-hour jaunt to the same show. Heck, they even added a category for Beyoncé to have an extra nomination, Breakthrough Long Form Video. (I suppose they feared 10 wouldn’t be seen as enough.)

Along with Adele and Beyoncé, the top Video of the Year category is rounded out by Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and Kanye West’s “Famous.”  Adele and Beyoncé also dominate the Female Artist of the Year Award, in which they are joined by Sia for“Cheap Thrills, ” Ariana Grande for “Into You,” and Rihanna for “Work.”


Speaking of Riri, in other drama filled categories, that song with Rihanna by that dude who got dumped by Taylor Swift is also nominated twice–for the song we all know now was actually written by Taylor Swift. By doing this, MTV is attempting to ensure both will be there and probably on opposite sides of the room, despite being nominated for the same song. As bonus cookies, having Kanye nominated as well means those looking for the next chapter in the West-Swift feud should set your DVRs and snark level accordingly.

For those of us still in mourning, MTV made sure to nominate David Bowie for four posthumous awards. Sadly, Prince did not conveniently provide them with a Number 1 album 48 hours before dying, so they’ll just have to hold a tribute. Let’s hope they take their cues for that from BET and not hire Madonna.

The VMAs will be held at New York’s Madison Square Garden on August 28th, 2016.


One thought

  1. “That Dude who was dumped by Taylor Swift” Even I in my isolation from pop cultures knows that you have to be more specific than that.


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