The Most Comprehensive List of Why You Should Not Vote For Trump Ever Assembled

Until this morning, if you had asked me what I thought of reddit, my answer would have been “Avoid.” “Only slightly more civilized than 4chan” or “At least it’s more civilized than 8chan.” The fact that everyone is touting Trump going on the platform to do an AMA while the DNC is on this week only deepened that certainty that this was a website for and by the white privileged male masses to gather and gnash their teeth that the last two millennia of patriarchal dominance was being questioned for the first time.

And then I found the following article.

Trump Umbridge

Reddit is a far reaching platform, made up of groupings of all different sorts. The ones who get the attention of course, are the worst filth. But for every proTrump page, apparently there are one or two dedicated to keeping this creep out of the White House. And along with that, someone has sat down and made a list of the most thorough accounting of all the news reports showing why Trump is a fascist.

For some, you may shrug and say “Yeah, so? we knew this.” I ask you to click anyway. Because one of the most striking things about this accounting is the sheer length and breath of it. There are over 200 articles listed in this one post, ranging fro topics such as how unconstitutional his plans for immigration and Muslim deportation are, to the calls of his staff to lynch  and threaten those who come out against them. It is a horror story told in html links. it is required reading for anyone who thinks somehow Clinton and Trump are equivalents. It is necessary link sending to everyone’s racist uncle who thinks they can masturbate safer at night with Trump in the White House.

Please, post this list everywhere you can, and pass it on.

And now, if nobody minds, I think we should all watch Michelle Obama’s speech against from last night’s opening DNC prime-time hour, while keeping in mind that the same slot at the RNC when the Scott Baio giving people pink eye.

(For the record, I watched Steven Colbert last night, and he fell flat.)


One thought

  1. Impressive but perhaps too principled. We need to hit him where his gut reality is: the man is a crook and seems to be seeking the presidency to overcome his failures as a businessman. He is not releasing his tax returns, is he? He ran a scam to deliberately bankrupt students as a university; he deliberately caused bankruptcy in New Jersey and grew rich (much like Romney) by destroying the local economy; he got away with this by his propensity to sue for libel (1700 suits) so the recent shutting up of the man who wrote _The Art of the Deal_ and now says he whitewashed Trump is par for the course; he took taxpayers money as a bankrupt in New Jersey, never paid and put out of business huge numbers of people. It seems he is now partly funded through Russian sources; no wonder he is pro-Putin – I’m serious here. The first thing he’d do as president he said would be to work to “open the libel laws,” which means to silence newspapers; he’d work to privatize and stop talk on the Internet (laws to make companies able to threaten ISPs) to stop blogs like this. He never reads, knows nothing of the constitution or the way the US gov’t works. He’d work by threats and we have no sense other leaders of volatile nations would not send a nuclear weapon first. He behaves out of anger first.


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