Lego Batman Trailer Contains Surprises

One of the very few properties that Warner Brothers trotted out for their panel, but then didn’t immediately give us a full length trailer for was Lego Batman. The sequel to the surprise hit The Lego Movie perhaps didn’t want to steal the thunder of the DC comics slate, even though Warner clearly has gone for a sequel that ties both franchise universes together.

Maybe that’s because the trailer contained a surprise twist. And it’s not that Bruce Wayne lives in Batman’s attic.

It looks like all the Justice League characters are in this one…before we even have a Justice League movie proper. I do hope that the Lego version doesn’t end up overshadowing the live action one. perhaps that’s why they delayed putting out this trailer until mid-week.

Also, it sounds like Batman’s got a theme song as catchy as “Everything is Awesome.” ‘Scuse me while I spend the rest of the day humming “Black and Yellow.”


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