Stephen Colbert Tries the 90s Again

Who knew the Pokemon jokes would still be relevant?

Or the goatee ones?

Sadly, that was the funniest thing Colbert did all night. This is the second evening in a row he’s failed to actually find a perch from which to make jokes about Hillary. I understand his writers are walking a fine line–they certainly don’t want to end up like TBS apologizing because their jokes landed on the side of sexist or offensive. But it is slightly disheartening, after last week’s return to form, for Colbert’s sketches to be outdone by the likes of Seth Meyers.

If Colbert can’t get it together, we will continue to hold out hope that perhaps Jon Stewart will show up again and set him on the right path. Until then–HEY! with Seth Meyers doesn’t seem like a bad alternative.


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