Your Daily Kitty Is Testing This God Pose Thing



3 thoughts

  1. Daily Kitty is looking forward to Friday’s Fashion Posts. Looks of the Democratic Podium 2016.
    Who comes second after Michelle the Great?
    Who wore the generic blue democratic tie best?
    Best Comedian in a political role?


    1. I like the idea of “Best Comedian in a political role”…if only one could believe Trump wasn’t serious, then he would walk away with the award. 🙂 I saw a news blurb about him asking Russia to hack US for missing Clinton emails. Wtf? Isn’t that sedition? Also, why does no one remember the Bush White House hosting their emails on a server run by the RNC?

      It’s a toasty day outside and I am thinking about taking a break for an iced coffee since I will be working late.


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