Stephen Colbert May Not Be Stephen Colbert But He Still Has The Werd

As we noted last week, the lack of bringing back Stephen Colbert after the triumphant return during the DNC was odd, until Stephen Colbert explained that Comedy Central’s Asinine Lawyers had decided he didn’t own that part of his persona anymore. He then immediately made up an identical twin Stephen Colbert and thumbed his nosed at them with “The Werd” instead of “The Word.”

The good news is that, at least until Comedy central decides to engender the wrath of Colbert’s fans and sue, CBS seems to have approved the work around. More to the point, they are taking to heart the reviews of Colbert’s performance and his return to the political arena, which included (but were not limited to) The New York Times pleading for Colbert to stay there, since it was obvious this is where he was happiest.

Hello, and welcome to The Werd. Let us all hope it is here to stay.

And seriously, if it’s working? Don’t stop.

Though let’s be real, the entire show seemed to have sprung back to life. Even the lackluster interview portion found a way to be more Colbert again….with a Mozart battle. (Jump to 5:30, end of the clip.)

Welcome back Colbert. Now please, don’t ever leave us again.



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