Happy International Cat Day


Woogle if you got it!




ginger coy




10 thoughts

  1. Look at all the lovely kitties!

    Anyone watching the Olympics? NBC’s coverage sucks, but I have managed to watch some of the Games thus far.

    I’m trying to figure out where to go on vacation. Any ideas?


  2. Mr Bear and I have been watching the Olympics, though egad, NBC’s coverage has been a dumpster fire.

    Am I the only one who heard someone (Meredith Viera?) call Brazilian culture a “cannibal culture” during the Opening Ceremonies? Because I could swear I heard that.

    On the other hand Mr Bear saw a gold medal judo match (Brazil v Mongolia) today and his face lit up like Christmas morning telling me about it.


    1. Though I like all the “usual” sports during the Olympics, I really love some of the niche sports and the Olympics are pretty much the only time you get to see them on television. I do live in the Boston area, so I do occasionally catch some things in person at the college level, but still.


    1. Nora, I am so glad to hear about your mother’s improvement and wish her and Alfred much joy together.


  3. Hello all kitties and staff! It’s Friday and it’s like a sauna outside. Ugh. It makes me long for the summer days of San Francisco…

    I’m working on vacation plans, and right now I am leaning toward PEI in a couple of weeks, assuming there are vacancies anywhere.

    Any fun plans for the weekend?


    1. I am seriously contemplating going to Toronto to catch the Lawren Harris exhibition. It was curated by Steve Martin (that Steve) and has toured North America to acclaim. At the Art Gallery of Ontario, it is augmented by the AGOs own Harris’s and others from the area.
      I have always enjoyed his work and this seems a good use of my travel points.


  4. Hello everyone! Did anyone else manage to catch the final for the Great British Baking Show? My local PBS station has been showing episodes from three different weeks all on the same weekend, so I saw it completely accidentally. The show is having a bad (?) influence on me, because now I want to try making rough puff pastry. But I will wait until it’s less than 90 F and 75% RH. Ugh.


    1. In America it is Quck Puff Pastry. I have that recipe in my 1970’s pastry book, called simply Pastry.
      Quick Puff sounds so American, while with the Rough Puff, you get British class snobbery – you know, looking down on the kind of people who can’t afford their own cooks and so have to buy pastry or only make “ruff puff”
      Be Democratic, make quick puff pastry! and forget the snobs.
      I did catch the Finale on one of the PBS stations on my cable. It was just before I went to bed Saturday night, which seemed like a strange time to be airing it.


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