Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day


IMG_0809 IMG_1797 toosmallsunpuddle yogi statue


5 thoughts

  1. Rant about British Classist term “rough puff”
    This term is right up there with ‘chav’ etc
    In America it is Quck Puff Pastry. I have that recipe in my 1970’s pastry book, called simply Pastry.
    Quick Puff sounds so American, while with the Rough Puff, you get British class snobbery – you know, looking down on the kind of people who can’t afford their own cooks and so have to buy pastry or only make “ruff puff”
    Be Democratic, make quick puff pastry! and forget the snobs.
    I did catch the Finale on one of the PBS stations on my cable. It was just before I went to bed Saturday night, which seemed like a strange time to be airing it.


    1. I can’t figure out what my local PBS station is doing, but at least I caught the finale. The showstoppers in particular all sounded/looked very appealing. Even Paul said it was probably they were probably the best-tasting finale showstoppers so far.

      I have made puff pastry before, but only once and it was years ago. It was such a pain. I’d like to try quick puff pastry, though I am not sure I have enough counter space in my tiny apartment kitchen to roll it out. Also, my oven isn’t so good at holding temp. But I still want to try. Perhaps in the fall once the weather cools a bit.


  2. Friday! I still have too much to do, but at least I can sleep in tomorrow.

    Thinking about where to go on vacation. I think it might be a short vacation soon, and then a longer one later in the fall.


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