AniBundel Is Moving: We Are Now Culturess

So about that thing I’ve been off doing instead of blogging here…. Now all of it can be told.

Let’s rewind a bit. (Indulge me. It’s my blog after all.) Back in April, when I quit my day job, I told you all I was off to be a big time blogger. I’d be writing at WiCnet and Wizards and Dorkside and it would be great.

But there was something I left out. You really think I was just hired to write for other people’s blogs? No. I was hired because the brass looked at Anibundel: Pop Culturess and said “That. We want that. We want to take that and turn it into a women’s pop culture site as big as Jezebel, or the MarySue.”


Now, I know, that’s a tall order. And it’s going to take some time. But over the last five months, I’ve been slowly working towards building a site that can do that. And as of right now, today, we are launched. My brand new site:

As they say in Showboat, we are moving bag and baggage to the Sherman House. Moving on up to the East Side and all that, with a piece of the pie that includes an actual marketing budget and professionals who know how that business end of things works. I’ve got a staff now. (A STAFF!) Some you will recognize. (Wave to Ms. Izzy everyone!) Some you might not recognize, but you’ll know their stuff, including the actual inventor of Soda Bunny, Kalystra. Some you may know from my other sites, Wizards, WiC and Dorkside. And then there are the new faces, who are all as excited to be doing this as I am.


So come on over everyone, and check out the new digs. Anibundel will be going dormant for the foreseeable future, but all the content you know and love will be found over there. We’ll be recapping Agents of SHIELD, Poldark and their hats, Face Off, Project Runway and all the stuff we do here. There will be Soda Bunny posts, Caturday blogging, Tunes for Tuesday, Fashion rundowns, everything you always saw here. Just bigger. And more of it. It’s Anibundel on Steroids, and we hope you love it like you always did.

Make sure you follow us on social media! Here’s the Facebook and the Twitter accounts. And thank you–all five of you who have been here for all these years reading and commenting. We won’t be open threading at the beginning, but once things settle in, that’s a possibility. I hope you continue to stick with me, as you have all these many months of long blogging pauses. The next adventure begins.



10 thoughts

  1. Moving on up, Anibundel!
    Hooray for Culturess!
    We are proud to have known you when.
    Maybe tap a certain someone (she knows who she is) to do Friday Funk? Everyone needs Friday Funk!
    I will try to continue in your comments to be “A voice from the Attic”*

    *Canada is America’s Attic.
    (As to your question on Twitter, How did Canada get Justin Trudeau as PM? Same way you guys got GW Bush, he was the son of his Father. It’s just that Justin’s dad was cooler than George Herbert Walker.)
    Speaking of Views from the Attic, former Hoardster Eve Holland is a genuine free-lancer who works out of the Arctic. Maybe?


    1. Even though I grew up near the US-Canada border, I have never heard the term “America’s attic.” However,, our local slang for the strip clubs across the border was “the Canadian ballet.”

      With the (perhaps temporary) loss of the daily kitty open threads, I may have to join Twitter so I can continue to comment and snark with you lovely people outside of GBBO and Sherlock posts. 🙂 Also, funk! I should start a Monday Mambo on Twitter to accompany the Friday Dose of Funk.



      1. Yay – Mambo Mondays
        Robertson Davies used the expression in his 1960 Book of Essays. I think he may have stolen (borrowed, lifted) the phrase from John Updyke.
        Canada is America’s Attic”
        I have a huge admiration and liking for Robertson Davies, with all his pompous assumed-Edwardian foibles.
        My favourite (red) Tory


  2. So it was genuinely sad to log in here for the last time. I am already bookmarked for Culturess, but will miss the old shebeen.
    Congratulations Ani, you have worked hard for this and have all the chops to make it a success.
    You go!


  3. Woo hoo! All best congratulations on the new site and the growth to bigger and better! Many huzzahs from those of us of the mini-Horde!! This is going to be great, and it’s well deserved. I can’t tell you how much I love your recaps and critiques; I’m glad you’re getting a bigger audience,


  4. Congratulations, and well earned. Go kick some.

    Quite pleased to have “known you when”. : )


  5. Best of luck Ani – I have enjoyed your site and its commenters and am sure the new site will be fabulous!


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