Let’s start things off right: A Game of Thrones Teaser!

While I was sitting off in the corner feeling sorry for myself, HBO came down from the mountain and gave us… wait, how long is it? 1:32? A WHOLE MINUTE AND THIRTY SECONDS OF

…probably not actually new footage.

Shut up, you know we’re eating that shit up with a spoon. TO THE YOUTUBE!

Let’s talk details.

  • First of all, there’s Jon who seems to have gone full, well Stark shall we say? Honestly, for a half second in thought that first shot of him was sitting back in Castle Black, when he first became the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. (998th Lord Commander to be precise!) It wasn’t until he got up and started walking that it became clear he’s still wearing the cloak Sansa made him, and that he is King in The North.
  • (Note that until the other ladies, his seat is not a throne. Sorry dude.)
  • Dany has gone full braid swirl in the back. And can we talk that red furry cloak that we’re seeing over her right shoulder in these shots? With the silver dragon pin? (Probably soon to be available via MEY?) Dany’s new style is something I want full shots, and well lit ones of pronto.
  • The “Strong shoulders for strong women” motif that we saw with the Tyrells is apparently now going to officially carry over the Dany–which makes sense, she’s the one carrying on their legacy.
  • Cersei and her mop top hairdo are the best of the three hands down. We already got a good look at that outfit previously during the filming shoots, and lord do I love that gown. I love everything about the armored neckline, the epaulettes, the way they set off her crown, everything. I will be sad if she doesn’t survive this season, because her outfits have been spectacular.
  • I also like that it’s Cersei who blows the cold air to bring the Night King. She’s the only one who would be dumb enough to thing she could ally with him too…



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