Off Hiatus

Hello! So that was fun while it lasted. But….it didn’t last. I learned a lot though, which is always a good thing.

And so now I’m back here. Except this time, I’m unemployed while writing. Which means…

….a  Patreon account, I suppose. I should learn how to set one of those up. Anyone got suggestions on how that works?

Freelancing! A Thing I swore to avoid when I left special events, but I mean fuck, what am I going to do, go back to special events? No, thanks but no thanks. Writing’s what I do now, and I don’t even know if I could fake office management anymore either. Maybe I could sling coffee at Starbucks? But that would take away the ability to write all day….

I mean, to be fair, I did learn a *lot* from my year away from here, including how the internet actually works, and how you actually make money at this gig. (And let me tell y’all my ass was doing it *all kinds* of wrong.) So I suppose it’s time to start putting some of that learning to good use…at least until my finances insist otherwise.


2 thoughts

  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to your Eurovision musings and ProjRun thoughts without mountains of less-inspired clickbait distractions to wade through.


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