American Gods’ Opening Title Sequence Gives HBO A Run For Their Money

American Gods releases their opening title sequence, giving Westworld and Game of Thrones a run for their money.

American Gods is only a month away from release, and the promotional period has begun in earnest. Last week, we saw promotional posters of all the Gods from Neil Gaiman’s book, with neon OMG strung across them.

The follow up, released yesterday, is the opening sequence to the show, and it follows the same cross of “old gods/old religions” mixed and match with what we might consider our new religious symbols. Large phallic objects shooting into outer space. electronics, seen up close. And of course, the Icons of our time, including the giant neon cowboy that is known as “Vegas Vic.”

All these parts of this jumbled mixed up melting pot of a country, stacked into a perfect totem pole for all to kneel before and sacrifice.

Ramin Djawadi, eat your heart out.

Along with the brand title sequence, STARZ had released quick 30 second introductions to the two characters we will meet at the beginning of this tale, who will eventually set off together upon this great adventure. Let’s start with the biggest star of the series, Al Swearengen himself, Mr. Wednesday.

Mr. Wednesday, played by Ian McShane, is a crafty and endlessly charismatic con man, is full of perverse wisdom, curious magic, and grand plans to unite the Old Gods in a battle for power against the New Gods.

It’s not always going to be tails, indeed. Let’s now meet the man who guessed wrong on that coin flip.

Shadow, played by Ricky Whittle, is released from prison to a life turned upside down — no wife, no job, and no bearings.

Shadow Moon is, for those unaware, the everyman of this tale, the reader’s (and viewer’s) entry point into the story. And, yeah, he’s seeing some weird shit go down. Wouldn’t you think you might be losing your mind?

American Gods premieres on STARZ on April 30th, 2017.



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