Eurovision 2017 Releases Official Music Videos

There currently do not seem to be plans to air Eurovision 2017 in the US. But that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring it. Check out this year’s crop of contestants.

Eurovision 2017 is just over a month away, with the semi finals airing on May 9th and 11th, with the finale on the following Saturday, May 13th. The preliminaries in the participating countries (43 this year) have all been settled. And now, it’s time to check out the song that each country has entered for this year’s run at the title.

The Eurovision YouTube channel uploaded the official music videos for this year’s competition this morning, and befitting the theme “celebrating diversity”, it is certainly a diverse crop of songs. From Omar Naber, representing Slovenia to Lucie Jones of the UK to Hovig from Cyprus, we’ve got all the different style of europop and eurotrash you could possibly want to indulge in this Monday.

Check out the full playlist:

As a reminder, the Eurovision contest this year is to be held in Kiev (Kyiv, in the native spelling) after last year’s heavily politicized win by the Ukraine with a ballad that had very anti-Russian invasion overtones. This drama is carrying over to this year’s contest, as Russia’s chosen singer Julia Samoylova (number 8 on the playlist above) is currently banned from entering the country by the Ukrainian government. (The reason given? She apparently traveled without permission to give performances in the Russian controlled area of Crimea.)

Other changes of note from last year:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, who were original participating, have withdrawn, due to lack of funds.
  • Both Portugal and Romania are back this year. Romania was forced to withdraw last year at the last minute over non payment of dues, while Portugal simply couldn’t afford to promote the show in their home country.
  • Though there are not yet announced plans to air Eurovision in the US, they have landed a deal with China, who will broadcast the finale for the first time ever. We can probably expect many nods to this enormous potential audience watching the contest legally for the first time.
  • Logo aired the contest last year in the US, but does not have an ongoing deal with the EBU (Eurovision Broadcasting Union). Unless a last minute deal is announced in the coming days, watch via the YouTube livestream seems to be the most practical solution.

I’ll be geeking out over Eurovision right here with recaps of both the semi finals and the finals next month.


One thought

  1. Russia getting banned by Ukraine was tiresome, but predictable. Italy and Bulgaria are probably my top two. I hope Macedonia can get their act together and have their live shows start living up to their amazing studio video, because if they can they’ll be my #3.

    After those, my mid-card is quite full. Belarus is cheery-happy-hippy-folk; France is light Parisian confection; Romania is bonkers goofy fun; Moldova is the triumphant return of Epic Sax Guy; Finland is spooky artsy goodness; Armenia is experimental ethnic awesome; and Estonia is the best kind of throwback. Even the Netherlands, with their “Wilson Phillips, part Deux”, still have amazing vocal harmonies.


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