Her Universe Takes Geekwear to Khols

Her Universe has expanded rapidly in the last year or so, first with the Hot Topic merger that brought them to Torrid, and now with a new line at Khols

Her Universe has had a fascinating trajectory over the last few years. It started off as “that website your geek friends tell you about” when you ask where they got that very interesting Doctor Who tee-shirt. But as a site aimed towards the female fan, they were never just tee shirts, but geek dresses as well. Most took the shape of the mid-century modern A line style dress, and were not exactly practical for everyday wear. But some were just subtle enough to be worn as workday dresses.

Last year’s fourth quarter saw the announcement of Her Universe merging with Hot Topic, a brand which it had worked closely with these last few years, both in putting on the yearly Cosplay Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con, and in carrying some of their newest creations. The full on merging of the two meant that Her Universe’s plus sized looks, which had been one of the secrets to their success were now also available through Torrid, which is under the same parent umbrella.

But apparently Hot Topic and Torrid weren’t quite mainstream enough. Her Universe has now landed an even bigger prize: having their line carried at that suburban clothing staple that has filled the void left by the collapse of places like Hecht’s and Sears and K-Mart: Khols.

According to the press release, their “DC fanwear” line at Khols will take the form of “juniors active wear”, as Khols apparently cannot bring themselves to carry cosplay ready a-line dresses for actual adult women. Bu hey, it’s a start.

Check out Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein’s work out video promotion.

Check out some of the looks, inspired by Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, and more below.

The Her Universe line is on sale at Khols now.



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