New Doctor Who Trailer: Will The Doctor Regenerate This Season After All?

With Steven Moffat claiming that he’s here through the Christmas Special of 2017, and Peter Capaldi supposedly staying with him, why is the Doctor regenerating in this trailer?

There are many, many things we don’t know about this upcoming season of Doctor Who. Who is Bill? How does she wind up on the TARDIS? Why is Nardole here at all? But one thing we were fairly certain we could say with confidence is that though this is Capaldi’s final season, we would not say goodbye until December.

After all, Moffat promised that he as here through the Christmas special. And that the new Doctor, whoever that is, would not speak words he wrote, but words written by the next showrunner, Chris Chibnall. All this pointed to Capaldi’ staying through the end of the year, surviving the actual finale of Series 10, only to go off and die at the Christmas special…much like Moffat did with the 11th Doctor.

The latest trailer throws all that into doubt.

Let run down some observations about the trailer:

  • Half of this is stuff from the full length trailer a couple of weeks ago
  • None of the dialogue is new either
  • We get a nice shot of Missy a few new shots of Cybermen, and a guy in a Roman costume which made me think of Rory.
  • The water person coming out of the floor is creepy
  • And then at the end of 30 second…that music kicks in and we have an image of the Doctor….and the regeneration process beginning.

I’ll admit, that last bit gave me a heart attack. I almost wrote off the trailer until we got to that. Does this mean that Capaldi won’t make it to Christmas after all?

If there’s one thing we know it’s that there’s one man who lies more than the Doctor…and that’s Steven Moffat.

Doctor Who returns for Series 10 April 15th, 2017.


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