Poldark Season 3 Premiere Date Announced by BBC One

Poldark gets a return date on the BBC for the third series of the period romance…far, far away from ITV’s Victoria.

The BBC’s decision to reboot Poldark in the wake of Downton Abbey‘s phenomenal success on both sides of the pod was something of a no-brainer. It had been the original Downton Abbey before Downton Abbey existed. (All those records Downton Abbey toppled, especially the PBS ones? Those were all records held by the original Poldark series.) It has been decades since the original. Yet those who has been as faithful to the original 1970s Poldark were as passionate today as they were 30 years ago.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the slam dunk bank. Series 1 was a hit, but not a phenomenon. Second, the austerity walls caused the BBC to rethink their schedule of putting Poldark in the spring television season. They wound up delaying Poldark series 2 so long that Poldark series 3 was already gearing up to film when it finally hit the air.

Which was directly opposite ITV’s own Downton Abbey space filler, Victoria. Victoria proceeded to clobber Poldark in the ratings war, sometimes badly enough that you began to pity the Beeb.

So this year, the decision has been made to move Poldark back to a better position. Victoria is going to continue to occupy the fall TV slot on Sundays on ITV (and the January slot on PBS Masterpiece.) So they’re going to put Poldark nice and far away from being burned by the queen, and debut series 3 starting in June.

According to RadioTimes, which broke the news, the BBC praised starting filming in September as the reason for the move:

“The earlier filming schedule on this series means that we can bring the much anticipated third series back sooner for fans to Sunday nights in June.”

Image via BBC

They also name three of the new characters we’ll be meeting:

  • Osborne Whitworth: A “colorful vicar” who will “be causing mayhem”. He will be played by Christian Brassington.
  • Demelza’s brother Drake: a “free-spirited rogue” will be played by Harry Richardson.
  • Demelza’s other brother  Sam: He is “deeply religious” and will be played by Tom York.

No word on how long we will have to wait for Poldark to air in the states–last year, there was only a two week delay from BBC to PBS, while the wait for Victoria was months long. Hopefully, that news will be coming shortly.


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