HBO Provides a Good Look at Dany’s Season 7 Costume

HBO’s newest promo shows several of the Game of Thrones characters in costume–including Dany’s brand new House Targaryen look.

Thursday’s first official promo for Game of Thrones season 7 was frustrating in several aspects, most notably the lighting. Here we had a great look at the updated costumes of Jon, Dany and Cersei…and we couldn’t *see* them properly.

Now, in the case of Cersei, we were in luck–we had seen the updated look already, albeit in out of context filming shots, and pictures of her walking to and from set. So at least we had a good idea of what we were looking at. Jon Snow also seemed to be about what we expected, with the cloak Sansa made him last season front and center.

But Dany’s outfit was a completely new one. We’ve seen a couple of her new outfits from filming, but this one, with the dragon broach the size of a small cat and red cape was completely new. At the time I asked if HBO couldn’t provide a close up.

Yesterday they obliged…in a very unexpected way.

The joke here, of course, is that all the characters we watch on HBO are making up that “tone….hisss” that is so familiar to viewers of their original programming. But the real value is that everyone from Game of Thrones is done up in the season 7 looks.

Let’s run them down.

dany close up costume
Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

Dany’s Costume! The bell sleeves with the fur line insides! OMG the broach!… But seriously, the weather shock Dany is about to undergo when she arrives in Westeros has got to be something major enough that the show can’t ignore it. After all, she just spent six seasons across the narrow sea in desert climates, wearing as little as possible, and sheer gowns. Dragonstone has to be a cold shock. No wonder her gowns are all fur lined. (Can we hope it’s wolf fur?)

jon costume close up
Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

Our least surprising of the looks–Jon wrapped up in the wolf fur cloak Sansa made last season. It suits him.

jamie costume close up
Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

No Cersei in the promo. Instead we get Jamie’s outfit. Noted that like his twin, he has stopped with the red and gold Lannister colors and has also moved to the black leather overlay look. The difference is, we can still see the hints of red beneath, while Cersei lacks any sort of warmth whatsoever. Her heart is cold. (We wonder if Jamie wears black to mourn the death of his three children, now that it no longer matter what people think?)

sansa close up costume
Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

My personal favorite! This is our first look at Sansa, Warden of the North while Jon, King in the North is off going to meet Dany. Note she too now had the same sort of fur-line cloak as Jon to match. Note also that the necklace from the famous “Darth Sansa” look is front and center–we weapon as it were. I am very excited about seeing Sansa this year.

bran close up costume
Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

My other favorite! Last we saw Bran, he was in the furskins of the weir-tree, as it were. it was a look much like we saw the wildings wear, a look that all of those who had traveled north with him adopted. I assume he’ll wear those all the way home to Winterfell–where he’ll get this outfit. There’s a mystical maester feel to the way the black outfit beneath the brown furs sits, suggesting that his mage-ness is going to be an open fact once he arrives home. But he’s still going to be dressed as befitting the last living legitimate son of Eddard Stark, with his own luxurious wolfskin cloak.

tormund costume close up
Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

And finally the one we weren’t expecting: Tormund! This marks the third or fourth time the show has included him as a lead characters in the last couple of seasons, which is interesting because his level of screen time really isn’t that much more than it was previously, and certainly no more than say, Davos, who I would assume would be higher than him on the scale of “who is a bigger character.” (Though that may be because Davos is a POV character in the books and Tormund is not.) What does that suggest about Tormund’s role this season? Is he about to step up in a big way?

We’ll find out when Game of Thrones returns on July 16, 2017


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