Moffat Promises a Major Spoiler In Doctor Who Episode 2 Trailer

Because the images of the Doctor regenerating weren’t enough, now Moffat is promising a major spoiler in the “Next Time” trailer post premiere.

Last night was the red carpet premiere for the first episode of Doctor Who series 10, “The Pilot.” reviews so far have been good, though it shoud be noted it was a very friendly crowd.

But according to all reports from Moffat’s address to the audience, it’s not just the episode you want to tune in for. It’s the “Next Time” trailer that will immediately follow.

According to Doctor Who Online, here is a transcript of Moffat’s remarks:

At the end of the [first] episode there will be yet another awesome trailer for Doctor Who. At the very end of the trailer there is, frankly, an enormous spoiler, a spoiler that may actually melt your brains. But I promise you, you’d be better off not knowing because – awesome though it will be here – it will be even more awesome in a few weeks’ time. So we’re gonna give you the option, in our frankly camp and ridiculous way.

There will come up a warning and then there will be a countdown to the spoiler, and then there will be a warning to ‘blink now’. If at that point you close your eyes and wait until you hear the cliffhanger noise, you will have a better experience in a few weeks’ time.

Yes, you read that right. Moffat apparently encouraged the audience to close their eyes and not watch the Next Time trailer, virtually guaren-damn-teeing that people will tune in JUST TO WATCH IT.

So what is the spoiler? We don’t know. BUT I will note that I think the background of the regeneration image above does not look like the interior of the TARDIS. It looks…like the world the Emoji People live on. Which is Episode 2.

DW-S10 EmojiPlanet
Screengrab via BBC/YouTube

Could the Doctor spend the entire season damaged, and in a state of suspended regeneration? Is the regeneration energy, like communism, a red herring? Perhaps we will be finding out sooner rather than later this season.

Doctor Who Series 10 will premiere “The Pilot” on BBC One at 7:20pm BST and on BBC America at 9pm EST. We’ll be recapping.


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