PBS Puts Poldark on Same Months Long Delay as Victoria

With Poldark announced as arriving on BBC One is June, it was only a day before PBS figured out when it would premiere in the States. And we’re going to have to wait until October.

It is a day of rejoicing and sadness for Poldark fans. Only a couple of days ago, the BBC revealed that the premiere date for the period romance would be this coming June for those in the UK. Now PBS has announced the premiere date on this side of the pond…and it’s a much longer wait.

Those of us hoping that, like last fall, we would get our Poldark fix only a fortnight after the BBC airing are out of luck. PBS will be holding the drama until October 1st.

Now, to be fair, this is far closer to the normal delay length between airing on the BBC and airing on PBS. The first season of Poldark aired in February/March of 2015 on the Beeb, but not until June/July on PBS. Victoria began airing at the end of August on ITV, but not until mid January here, a nearly six month wait. And of course, everyone knows that Downton Abbey fans had to wait from ITV’s usual September debut to the beginning of January to see it on PBS in the states regularly.

Even the early seasons of Sherlock we held from their January airdate on the BBC to May on PBS, until the powers that be realized how much pirating the episodes ate into whatever audience they could garner from that. And let’s not even talk about the 11 month long delay that Series 6 and 7 The Great British Bake Off undergo on their long journey to becoming Seasons 3 and 4 of The Great British Baking Show.

So mark your calendars, ready your hats and hair ribbons this fall, and for god’s sake plus those spoiler holes as best you can this summer. We’re going to settle in for a long wait to find out how badly Elizabeth’s new marriage to George is about to go, and if Ross and Demelza are going to make it after all.



One thought

  1. I didn’t read the story carefully enough, but probably one ought to look at the BBC schedule too. As far as I can tell from British sites and fan face-book pages, the new Poldark means a great deal t o the British viewer in ways not true of the American viewer.

    There are no new editions of the books, only reprints of recent editions, but slowly coming out are dramatic readings on CDs, MP3s, and downloads of all the novels up to the coming season — through The Four Swans (Polark No 6).


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