Pepsi Apologizes for “Putting Kendall Jenner In This Position”

Twenty four hours ago, Pepsi put out an ad touted as “Kendall Jenner channeling Cindy Crawford”. Now that ad has been pulled in a hail of media fire.

The tweet about the ad that first caught my eye as it flew by on twitter. Women’s World Daily, that legendary publication now dedicated to the business of reminding everyone that Mama Jenner’s other children are stars in the Fashion World put out a tongue bath of an article that did not once think about or question the actual ad in question.

The campaign promotes the notion of living for now, which Jenner admits is challenging in the age of social media.

“I think a lot of people are caught up in whatever’s happening in someone else’s life and they’re not really paying attention to what’s happening right in front of them most of the time,” she says. “It’s not hard to put your phone down and consciously try and get yourself to live in the moment. That’s what I try and do.”

The incongruity of the article only highlighted the tone deafness of the ad itself, where some very well meaning white man had decided to take the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, mix it with the 1960s anti-war protests and cast Jenner as the hippie putting the flower in the gun barrel. Except she’d be handing the cop a Pepsi. And all would be well with the world.

Pepsi has pulled the ad, leaving a big old blank space in the tongue bath above, but Kendall’s account has not yet, for reasons I cannot fathom. After all, Pepsi’s apology 24 hours later for this tone deaf monstrosity clearly shows that the Jenners were part of the reason they pulled it.

The money quote from their statement:

“Putting Kendall Jenner is this position.” In what position, to star in her biggest corporate ad campaign of her short life, one she was all too thoughtlessly happy to appear in and promote until the tone deaf nature of the entire concept was pointed out by millions?

Besides, Pepsi tastes funny anyway.





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