Does Margaret Atwood Have a Handmaid’s Tale Sequel In the Works?

Atwood’s full court press at getting everyone to read her seminal Handmaid’s Tale novel may have inspired her to also write a sequel. After all, it can finally happen here.

There are several shows that are part of this spring’s “Peak TV” crop that are vying for the title of “Most Accidentally Relevant Show of 2017.” The Good Fight, for instance, rewrote itself to become a show about social justice and the insanity that is 2017 when their first premise (that Hillary would win) failed to come true. The Americans, a tale of Russian spies attempting normality in Reagan’s America, tried to spin their latest season as suddenly must-watch, due to Trump’s ongoing Russian spy issues. The Man In The High Castle would like to politely suggest they got to nazism in America before you noticed it on Twitter. American Gods is using the claim that their story of immigration in America, and how it affects the Old Gods and the New is a parable to our current Wall Building Hysteria.

But when it comes to the most terrifyingly accidentally relevant show debuting this year, I think The Handmaid’s Tale has the category on lock (unless it turns out to be a disaster). Hulu had the show in production long before Trump was nominated, let alone won, with a Vice President who is so freakishly religious he refuses to be in rooms with women who are not his wife. Their latest trailers show demonstrations that look eerily similar to the images we saw on TV back in January during the major inauguration demonstrations. (All they’re missing is the pussyhats.)  Is it really such a big step from there to the shots of families racing for the Canadian border, only to be caught?

Sadly no. And Margaret Atwood, who wrote the original novel all the way back in 1985, knows it. Timing is everything, and her time is now. To that end, Handmaid’s Tale is arriving in a ridiculous number of formats this year along with the TV show, from graphic novel to audiobook–anyway she can get the public to read her Cassandra-like warnings.

But this is also the land of capitalism, and we all know what our capitalist society likes most: sequels. And the epilogue to the epilogue that Atwood has added to the audiobook version sounds suspiciously like she’s planning one.

According to io9, who reviews the new audiobook (now available on Audible):

The professor closes out the chat by saying, “I hope to be able to present the results of our further Gileadian investigations to you at some future date.” When you consider that these are all words directly from Atwood herself, it definitely sounds like she’s setting us up for another book.

Or at least a Season 2 on Hulu? Either way, with life getting scarily close to imitating art, it seems like now would be ripe for the next installment. perhaps The Jezebel’s Tale?


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