Say Ahh: Another HBO Video, Another Round of Game of Thrones Season 7 Costumes

Cersei, Arya, and the Hound oh my! Check out another round of Game of Thrones characters in the latest HBO promo.

Earlier this week, we got a glimpse of several Game of Thrones characters in a leaked HBO promo of major characters from across their network imitating the opening “ahhhh tone” that airs before each piece of original programming on the network. Now that promo has been officially released on HBO YouTube channel… and it turns out there is more than one!

In the earlier post, I noted that Cersei was not part of the group we saw. Considering her leading role this season, I should have realized that meant there was another one coming. Check it out.

And then a second one, where John Oliver narrates along with the piece which includes even MORE characters!

Once again, let’s break down all the glimpses of the characters and what they are shown wearing for the upcoming season.

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

No surprises with Cersei. She is wearing exactly what she did in the promo and in the shots of outdoor filming we saw last fall.

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

Tyrion in stripes! Not, like Cersei, not a speck of red on him, this despite the fact that Dany is taking up the Targaryen red in her wardrobe. Too Lannister perhaps?

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

Arya, like Bran, in brown leathers. But her wolf skin cloak is far more utilitarian than her slings. The better to kill people with I suppose. After all, she is holding Needle. (actually of all her siblings, she looks the most like Robb during his “King In The North” days.

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

No accident that HBO paired these two together. The Hound and Arya was a possible popular spin-off idea during their time together in Season 4. His leathers are getting worn.

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

Dany’s second appearance in the videos. She actually appears in all three of them, if you count the repeated shot of her having Drogon do the tone. I assume this makes her the defacto lead this season?

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

From the “here’s everyone from the cast we got to do this” segment, Brienne, looking like she’s pledging her services to whatever Starks she can find.

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

In the original video I was surprised to see Tormund make the cut and not Davos, since I think of them as about the same level of importance in the story. Here’s Davos, looking dark and dapper.

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

Note we have Theon in the round-up, but not Yara. Does not bode well for Yara.

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

Missandei has also taken the all black, like Tyrion. No red for her either! Though my favorite detail is the tri-headed dragon brooch she’s wearing, which is directly taken from the MEY jewelry line that’s on sale now.

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

Varys may have traveled thousands of miles from Dorne to Dragons bay and now to Dragonstone, but he’s still wearing the same outfit from last season.

Screengrab via HBO/YouTube

And the most shocking addition to the group: The Late Hodor. Does that mean he’ll be brought back as a wight this season? Perhaps. But in truth, as the show’s most uncontroversial and popular character, and that they have him “Hodor”-ing suggests it’s really just a well placed gag. Sorry.



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