“Thor: Ragnarok” First Trailer Lands Like a Hammer of the Gods

Pulling out Led Zeppelin’s all-too-appropriate Immigrant Song for a soundtrack, Thor: Ragnarok’s trailer landed this morning with a distinct clanging thud of a hammer. 

It’s no “Record Scratch/Freeze Frame” meme, but the first trailer for our third installment of the Thor series asks “You’re probably wondering how I got here.” Welp, considering the last time we saw Tor, he had gone on walkabout in the middle of an Avengers movie, I suppose we were due for a check in.

And this one includes Cate Blanchett, who walks in and steals his hammer! (Seriously, for a man with a hammer supposedly no one can pick up, it seems like quite a few people go around wandering off with it.) Really, with Tessa Thompson and Tom Hiddleston also major parts of this thing (as well as mark Ruffalo as The Hulk) how could things go wrong?

(Though I admit, I didn’t actually scream with laughter until Jeff Goldblum showed up. Most Nebbish God Ever.)

Personally, if any of my friends from work showed up in an arena against me I’m not so sure I’d be cheering quite that loudly, but to each his own. Also, nice haircut God-Boy.

If Captain America: Civil War was really Avengers 2½: The Smell of Civil Liberties, then I do believe it would be most appropriate for us to consider this installment (and it’s just-as-many-superhero world) as Avengers 33⅓: The Final Haircut. As a reminder, after this installment we have the first stand alone Black Panther movie coming in March of next year, before we round to the major conclusion of Marvel’s Phase III with the ultra insane cast that will be Avengers: Infinity War. (Or perhaps more appropriately Avengers: Superheroes x Infinity).

Either way, this movie looks like a lot of fun. Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theaters November 3, 2017.



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