Check out New Images from American Gods

American Gods is only a couple of weeks away from their début on STARZ. We’ve got a basketload of images from the upcoming series.

American Gods, the upcoming television series based on the Neil Gaiman book of the same title is looking to take the fantasy crown from Game of Thrones as the latter departs the airwaves over the next 18 months or so. Reactions to the first screening of the première at SxSW last month suggested that the rich recreation of Gaiman’s universe maybe have achieved exactly that.

Now we have a new batch of images from STARZ in preparation for the upcoming show. We’re collected them all at the bottom in a gallery for your enjoyment, but there’ a couple I wanted to touch on singly.

First: Gillian Anderson as Media. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly this week, it was revealed that the show is going to have Media morph into Hollywood Icons and celebrities over the course of the season, including (but not limited to) “Lucille Ball, David Bowie, Judy Garland.”

American Gods Season 1 2017 Bruce Langley (Technical Boy), Gillian Anderson (Media)

According to Anderson:

“It was a curious process into Judy because there’s something very specific about her and an aspect of her personality that is kind of uncopy-able,” says Anderson. “And for a long time that I was working on her, I was struggling with that, working in my own space, trying to figure out what it was that was quintessentially her. I came to the conclusion that, actually, I might be barking up the wrong tree. [Laughs] Whereas with other characters, there were things I could hook onto that felt like [I] was tapping into an essence of some kind, I found Judy actually the most elusive or the most challenging to bring an element of her to the picture. So I had to ultimately make different decisions about how to represent her.”

The other shot I am madly in love with: Zorya Polunochnaya, one of the Old Gods, who is played by Erika Kaar.

American Gods Season 1 2017 Erika Kaar (Zorya Polunochnaya)

One of the most memorable moments in the book for me was the scene where Zorya Polunochnaya plucks the moon from the sky and hands it to Shadow Moon for safe keeping. This is clearly from that scene, and I can’t wait to see it done on-screen.

Check out the rest of the images below.

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