Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off Releases First Image of Presenters

With the BBC talking about coming up with their own version of GBBO, it’s time to define the new show as “Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off”

The Great British Bake Off may be in a bit of a hiatus year as the last of the untangling from the BBC contract runs out before the show can begin a proper season on Channel 4. But that hasn’t stopped the upstart network from rubbing it in everyone’s fact that they paid £25 million for a tent, and then had to shell out more just to get Paul Hollywood to come stand in it.

In fact, overnight in the UK they decided to tweet out the first new image of those they shelled out even more money for, just so Paul Hollywood had someone to stand with. Check them out.

As a reminder of who the heck those people who are not Sue, Mel, or Mary Berry are:

  • Next to Paul: Sandi Toksvig, the Mel replacement
  • Second from right: Noel Fielding, the Sue replacement
  • Far right: TV chef Prue Leith, Mary Berry Stand In

By the way, it has surfaced recently that Noel Fielding was accused of doing blackface in a new piece of art–a thing that will not be a career killer in the UK, but may affect PBS’ decision to bring the show back once it starts on Channel 4. At the moment it’s a UK only story, mostly because the US doesn’t pay attention to UK stars it’s never heard of. This could change dramatically if PBS brings the show with the new hosts over here.

Image via BBC

More fallout from the change over seems to have hit Love Productions as well. Both spin offs The Great British Sewing Bee and The Great Pottery Throwdown currently have no new orders to make another season. Sewing Bee usually airs in the early summer, in late May/early June. But according to sources, they haven’t even tried to cast it. Meanwhile, the second season of Throwdown just ended last month, but that was already commissioned prior to the GBBO blow up last fall, and insiders expect it too will find itself unceremoniously dropped.

Bake Off: Crème de la Crème is currently airing on BBC, but like Throwdown, that was already in the works before the main show’s move to Channel 4. There is no word if the BBC will renew that either. It is looking more and more likely that the BBC will sever all ties with Love Productions before this is all over.


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