STARZ Releases New Featurettes and Teasers for American Gods

Meet the Old Gods…they’re not anything like the New Gods. Not by a long shot. They’re old and crotchety, and they think it’s time you worshipped them once more.

American Gods is one of the most highly anticipated adaptations of a fantasy novel since Game of Thrones arrived back in 2011. Each trailer so far has merely upped the hope that after years of knock offs and tryhards, this show may be the heir to the Iron Throne that fans have been hoping would come along sooner or later.

Everything about the adaptation looks to be on point, from costumes, to casting, to music to visuals. All that remains to be seen is if the script holds up as well. The latest featurette, released over Easter weekend, suggests we may be in luck.

Speaking of Easter!

There a whole little group of these introductions that STARZ has been dribbling out over the past week or so. We posted the first two last week, featured our lead characters, Mr. Wednesday and Shadow Moon. Now we have a few more of the other “Old Gods.” Easter, above, clearly, needs no intro, as we’re celebrating her right now. Czernobog, on the other hand…

I mean, most of us have never even heard of these Slavic gods, let alone one that’s considers a “black deity.”

And then there’s Bilquis, who apparently we’ll be seeing a lot of (ahem) in the premiere episode.

And then there’s Mad Sweeney. No, he doesn’t have Lucky Charms.

Lest you think this is a show entirely about Gods, let us remind you there are a few humans as well. Shadow Moon, for instance, who goes to work for Mr. Wednesday. There are also a few dead humans. Like his late wife, Laura Moon.

American Gods premieres on April 30th on STARZ.


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