Doctor Who Series 10: “Smile” Photos and Preview Clip

Doctor Who series 10 releases the first preview clip for next week’s episode, along with another wealth of photos.

Steve Moffat gets to poke fun at another of modern life’s annoying fads, with an episode dedicated to the evils of emojis. Check out the synopsis:

At the edge of the galaxy, there is a gleaming, perfect city. This brand new human settlement is said to hold the secret of human happiness – but the only smiles the Doctor and Bill can find are on a pile of grinning skulls. Something is alive in the walls, and the emojibots are watching from the shadows, as the Doctor and Bill trying to unravel a terrifying mystery…

As I stated previously, I assume this episode is going to be a bit like earlier evil villains during Moffat’s tenure, whose horrors are based on involuntary functions– the Weeping Angels who move when you blink, the Silence who disappear from your memory the moment you stop looking at them. Dollars to donuts these “emojibots” go after people when they don’t smile.

Guest stars for this episode include Mina Anwar as “Goodthing”, Kaizer Akhtar as “Praiseworthy”, and Ralf Little as “Steadfast”. Sounds like characters from a Christian parable…

Check out the gallery of images below.



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