Doctor Who Series 10: Next Time Trailer for “Knock Knock”

This week’s upcoming episode of Doctor Who features very special guest star David Suchet, of Poirot fame.

I haven’t been this excited for a guest star turn on Doctor Who since Diana Rigg graced us with her presence during Series 7’s “The Crimson Horror.” Though series 7 was definitely the low ebb of Moffat’s tenure, that episode was a joy to watch, since Rigg took to eating the scenery with a gusto normally reserved for high camp.

This season may not have the overarching theme of series 9 (yet), but unlike series 7, Moffat is firing all all cylinders. Having Suchet come in, freed of his mustaches and little grey cells, to match wits with Capaldi is going to be a fun ride indeed.

It also looks like, for the moment, that Twelve is minding Nardole, and staying here on Earth, in the present, as this plot revolves around Bill moving house.

Though the monster of the week is clearly in the woodwork (and Bill’s new flatmates are said monster’s fodder), the staying here in the present gives us a chance to bring Nardole into the adventuring more. So far he’s mostly been a bumbling weirdo who hasn’t been given much to do, though Moffat and company promise he is integral to the main plot of the season. And also, it gives us another chance to find out what might be behind the door of the Vault, knocking like that.

After all, the title of the episode being “Knock Knock” after the way last week ended is very curious indeed. I would hate to think they’d tease us like that and then not deliver at least a few more knocks from deep inside the Vault. Though we should keep in mind that we have one more one-off adventure (in space!) before the return of Missy in the mid-season three parter.

Doctor Who Series 10 airs this Saturday, May 6th, at 7:20pm, BST on BBC One and 9pm EST on BBC America.


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