Skating Off-Season Weekly Roundup: More Skaters Reusing Music

We thought, not too long ago, that the theme for the upcoming season might be La La Land. But now it’s looking like might be something a bit more dismaying: reusing old music.

Shoma Uno, for instance. He put his music announcement up on his website, and those who could read Japanese were kind enough to give fans who can’t a summary: he’s bringing his free skate to the established war horse Turandot back, with the hope he can show fans how much he’s grown as a skater since using it. That might have been a better idea had he skated it more than just two seasons ago. As it is, with all the skaters reusing old music already, you really wish he’d sat on it. His short program’s new, but it’s to Winter from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. That’s another overused piece of music, and it won’t be easy for him as a men’s skater especially to escape the shadow of Stephane Lambiel.

Javier Fernandez, meanwhile, has not specified what his music is yet. But we do have some details:

We thought, not too long ago, that the theme for the upcoming season might be La La Land. But now it’s looking like might be something far more unpleasant: reusing old music.

Javier Fernandez, meanwhile, has not specified what his music is yet. But we do have some details:


According to Google Translate, he’s reusing unspecified old music for at least part of the program, “but with a different approach.” How much different that’s going to be is hard to tell, especially when we know nothing further. Meanwhile, in his long program, he’s going to portray a famous Spanish character “known worldwide.” Rumor has it he’s skating to Man of La Mancha, which is at least slightly more unusual, but use of “The Impossible Dream” is common enough.

At least Malaysian skater Julian Zhi Jie Yee won’t try to get his country into the Olympic figure skating events for the first time with music he used back in 2016. Instead, he’ll do it with music Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron won their second world title with then:

This is a common enough phenomenon, where some really famous skater picks some obscure music, and then lower-profile skaters use it afterwards. At least it doesn’t happen so much that Yee’s not likely to be the only one using it this year. He may also pick something more unique for his free program; he may not have even made his choice there yet.

Ivan Righini, who’ll face off against Yee and others to earn Italy an Olympic berth in Germany, was not to be outdone. After announcing on Facebook that his short was to “Irish Dance,” he posted the whole thing to Instagram in four clips. Irish Dance turned out to be “Reel Around the Sun” from Riverdance and “Warriors” from Lord of the Dance. This is music that also gets used a lot, “Warriors” especially, but for good reason, because with a skater talented enough it’s always entertaining, and Righini shows himself here to be pretty good with it.

Also posting a clip of a new program to Instagram was young American Andrew Torgashev, in his case the long:

A little sneak peak at this years free program 😋 #Roxanne #Tango

A post shared by Andrew Torgashev (@andrewtorg29) on

Unfortunately, Tango de Roxanne is also overused, and while Torgashev can keep half a minute of it engaging, four and a half minutes might be another matter.

Fernandez wasn’t the only Spaniard making music announcements. Last month Sara Hurtado & Kirill Khaliavin announced they were doing a Carlos Santana short dance. Now they’ve got their free dance too:

This says only that it’s a flamenco, which is really all we need to know about it. They’ll probably be good at it, even if it means their two programs might end up being a touch more similar than is advised.

Another Facebook dance music announcement, by U.S. ice dance pewter medalists Elliana Pogrebinsky & Alex Benoit, had an amusing video to accompany it. Said video also establishes they’re using the Pitbull remix of Deorro’s “Bailar,” and “Baddest Girl in Town” is also one of his. We may hear a lot of Pitbull in the short dance this season. But “Lo So Che Finera” by Italian pop star Anna Tatangelo is a sharp contrast; one wonders how they plan to not make it too disjointing.

Unlike the skaters above, they are very unlikely to make the Olympics. The U.S. has three ice dance berths, but also three teams who are all but locked for them, and even if one of them gets injured or similar, despite their pewter, these two aren’t the favorites to be first alternates either. Nor were 2016 pewter medalists Anastasia Cannuscio & Colin McManus. So it is perhaps not that shocking they’ve chosen to retire. It’s sad to see them go, but as they themselves say, they had a pretty good career, if not a top tier one.

Hoping to make it to PyeongChang, on the other hand, are Kavita Lorenz & Joti Polizoakis, who just missed qualifying Germany a spot at the World Championships. But they need to not only qualify it at Nebelhorn instead, but hold off other German teams behind them. Towards that goal, they have now become the second team this summer to leave Igor Shpilband for his former coaching partner Marina Zueva, whose stock seems to continue to rise. They also deleted the Facebook post announcing they were skating their free dance to Rachmaninoff, which is interesting, because often when skaters change coaches with their programs already choreographed, they’ll still keep those programs. One wonders how much they feel the need to change things.


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