Agents of SHIELD May Be Renewed For Season 5 After All

Good news everyone! Agents of SHIELD may find itself back next year after all.

Last summer was a dire one for the Marvel-verse on network TV. While the MCU television universe has thrived on Netflix, on ABC, it’s never really gotten over that botched first season of SHIELD where the show had to tread water for nearly twenty episodes until Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrived in theaters. The Agent Carter spin-off flopped badly by the end of the show’s second outing. And the next spin-off, Marvel’s Most Wanted, (which the production was so sure would be greenlit they even removed them from SHIELD prematurely) was junked after ABC’s heads saw the pilot. SHIELD itself was moved out of the prime 9pm slot back to the far sleepier 10pm one.

This coming September, the MCU is going to try again to make a “big splash on ABC, this time with The Inhumans, a show that was once considered to be a movie, until someone realized how awkward that would be should The X-men rights ever come free again. There’s already been more promotional push for the new show than most movies. With the first two episodes playing in IMAX ahead of the show’s airing on ABC, we should expect a full six-week court press of promotional barrage.

But what did that mean for SHIELD? Other than they were now “old news”? Fans of the show have been drifting away slowly, and, though the show has finally found a way to do the faux-prestige TV format they’ve always wanted in the “Pods”, it seemed like it didn’t find it in time.

Image via ABC

But all is not lost. According to Deadline, ABC is going to give the show one last chance. Their new report on “bubble shows” for the 2017-2018 season include a renewal for SHIELD.

Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., which serves as a solid marketing platform for the Disney-owned Marvel, also is getting renewed I hear.

If The Inhumans takes that platform from them, SHIELD may be toast after this. But perhaps the MCU has learned a lesson about getting rid of popular characters from the show that’s at least working in hopes of selling a new one. Until The Inhumans is a hit–if it is a hit–keep SHIELD around. And considering that most of the people I knew who like SHIELD fell away because of the injection of Inhumans–and the praise SHIELD garnered for this final “pod” this season was due to the “back to basics” nature of the show–perhaps The Inhumans is not such a sure thing as the MCU would like us to believe.



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