Doctor Who Series 10: Next Time Trailer for “Oxygen”

Next week’s episode sees Bill, The Doctor and Nardole all off on an adventure in space together. So who’s guarding the Vault?

Coming up this week: our last stand alone adventure this month! After this, we go into Doctor Who‘s first official three-part adventure since the Davies era when Series 3 ended with “Utopia/The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords”.

But before that, we get our traditional Whovian tale of “Horror In a Spaceship” in an episode appropriately titled “Oxygen.”

The Doctor, Bill and Nardole answer a distress call in deep space, and find themselves trapped on board space station Chasm Forge. All but four of the crew have been murdered – and the dead are still walking! In a future where oxygen is sold by the breath, and space suits are valued more highly than their occupants, the TARDIS crew battle for survival against the darkest evil of all…

Sounds like they’re battling capitalism to me! Check out the trailer from BBC One:

And then check out the trailer from BBC America. It’s rare that they’re different like this, but the first one had a much more frightening cliffhanger/spoiler. This one is far more into giving us a concise overview of what’s to come.

Now, we *highly* doubt that they’ll be offing Bill this early. But it does make you wonder how upset and desperate the Doctor is going to be if he thinks he’s lost her, or nearly loses her. And an upset and distracted Doctor…well, who do we know who might be willing to take advantage of that. Someone who might happily play “Pop Goes The Weasel” at the promise of a story where “lots of young people get eaten?”

And why did they take that shot out of the “official” cut of the trailer?

Please keep in mind, this Saturday is the Eurovision finals on BBC One, so Doctor Who Series 10 will air slightly earlier than the usual time on Saturday, May 13th, at 7:15pm, BST. Since Eurovision is not airing in the States this year (and would be airing on Logo if it was anyway) the air time for the US is unchanged: 9pm EST on BBC America.


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