Star Trek: Discovery Takes Us Where No Star Trek Has Gone Before

The first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery is here, and after all the delays, it looks like it was finally worth the wait.

Star Trek was, to steal a phrase from a friend, my ur-fandom. Some people remember the moment of their sexual awakening. I remember the moment of my nerd awakening, sitting on my parents bed, watching television on a Saturday afternoon, not long after my parents broke down their decade long boycott and got a television for the house. It was 1990, and it was Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s second season and I was instantly hooked.

I stuck with Trek all through high school, through both TNG and DS9. I feel away around the time of Voyager, and failed to return for Enterprise. I loved the first of the new movies in 2009, but the second was a crashing disappointment, and the third at least a non-disaster.

I promised myself I would not get too excited for Discovery. After all, it’s demanding I subscribe to yet another streaming service, one for a channel that plays absolutely nothing else I’m interested in. (As well as a few shows, like Big Bang Theory, which I find offensive.)

Then the trailer arrived today.

I think my heart broke a little, seeing two ships headed up by women of color. Finally, a Star trek that makes good on that promise of equality, so many years after it started. This looks like it just might be the best Star Trek ever. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. (And i know everyone is going to have quibbles about those uniforms.) I still don’t. But maybe I’ll risk giving it a chance. Perhaps I might not be disappointed.

Star Trek: Discovery stars Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou and Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham. The show, and the new companion after show Talking Trek, are set to debut this fall, though no official release date was set at today’s upfront presentation.


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