Doctor Who Season 10: “The Pyramid at the End of the World” Preview

Part two of the three-part “Monks trilogy” arrives tomorrow on the BBC. Can it redeem the first installment? 

I was on vacation this past Monday, so we didn’t do a next time trailer post the way we usually do. For those who might have missed it, here it is.

The good news is the Doctor will admit to Bill he lied and he’s blind. The bad news is…I dunno? That the Monks will probably come out on top this week, since there’s a part 3 the week after?

Here’s the synopsis:

A 5,000-year-old Pyramid stands at the centre of a war zone, where the Chinese, Russian and American armies are about to clash. There are many problems with that, but the one that intrigues the Doctor is this: there wasn’t a pyramid there yesterday. The Doctor, Bill and Nardole face an alien invasion unlike any other, and before conquest can begin, these aliens need the consent of the human race…

Moffat’s intro is all visual puns. We’ll just leave that there.

So this makes the Monks sound pretty frightening no? Like they might be unbeatable. But there’s a catch. Apparently they can’t take over the earth…until they are asked to.

Very interesting twist that. So who will be doing the asking? And why?

Does it have anything to do with the fact that this is going to be a Middle East peace process parable?

(Also really can we stop calling him Mr. President? It’s just depressing, considering the reality of our situation on Earth right now.)

Doctor Who airs this Saturday on BBC One at the much later than usual time of 7:45pm BST. BBC America continues to remain constant, and will air the episode at 9pm ET.

Here’s your gallery of vaguely spoilery images.


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