Doctor Who Season 10: “The Doctor Falls” Trailers

After the events of The World Enough and Time, can the Doctor undo what’s happened to Bill?

This past weekend’s “The World Enough and Time” had one of the nastiest turns of events for a companion seen in 54 years of the show. I, for one, was very upset.

It didn’t help that the “Next Time” trailer that followed the episode didn’t give any hint that there was a plan to fix it either. As far as it was concerned, Bill was dead and gone and the plot was moving on.

The trailer seems rather obsessed with the Doctor vs two Masters and much less interested in what happened to Bill at all, or for that matter what might happen to Nardole. Obviously, that’s what Steven Moffat is obsessed with as well, but personally, the only thing I care about is how they undo the damage killing Bill off like that just caused.

Thankfully, the BBC also does its own cut of a trailer to run between programs. Here, we have our first signs of hope. Or, well, *a* sign of hope anyway, of how the Doctor might fix this.

Not only do we have Bill’s voice over, and not in a cyberman voice, but also a glimpse of young Bill. One of the questions I’ve seen people asking is why did the show make such a fuss about Bill’s mum early in the season, and then do nothing with it? Perhaps we’ll get an answer now.

As for the synopsis this week, it’s dreadfully scarce on details.

The Mondasian Cybermen are on the rise. It’s time for the Doctor’s final battle…

I know. Thanks synopsis writers.

Doctor Who airs at the earliest time yet on July 1st, at 6:30pm BST on BBC One. BBC America keeps it at 9pm ET as always.


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