The First “Inhumans” Trailer Is Hilariously Terrible

The first Inhumans trailer is here, and now we now why ABC was hedging. This is… not good.

The new Inhumans trailer is here and boy howdy. This looks worse than anyone could have imagined.


A few days before the end of Agents of SHIELD it was confirmed the show had been renewed, somehow, magically. But the caveat was that it would not return until Spring of 2018. Instead, this fall, ABC would air the MCU’s latest TV project, The Inhumans instead.

When this was announced, my eyebrows went up. Look, I know SHIELD isn’t “great” TV. It’s only “good” TV at best, and it’s taken a lot time for the show’s creators not only to accept that limitation, but how to work within it, so that it can be the best “good” TV they can make. Along the way, it lost a lot of fans, and the ratings are never going to be what ABC dreamed they might be in the wake of The Avenger‘s astronomic success at the box office.

But SHIELD, for what it is, is a solid low-to-middling ratings getter, and a decent streaming numbers pull. That ABC didn’t want it to be on their line up at the same time The Inhumans would be suggested they were extremely concerned about the new show’s ability to do better. If they thought this new show could boost SHIELD by a lead in, they would have have paired them together. That instead they seemed to be moving to keep two low rated shows from the MCU on at the same time, competing for scant audience’s attention, suggested they did not feel good about the new entry.

Now we know why.

The Inhumans will arrive in IMAX cinemas in a desperate push by the MCU to turn it into a hit on September 1st, and then begin airing on ABC on September 29th in the Friday primetime slot.

From the looks of it, unless this is just a really unfortunately crafted trailer, we can count on it being quietly shelved after the fall season, and SHIELD taking the slot over in the spring.


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