Footage and Interviews from Canada’s High Performance Camp

Clips especially focus on ice dance as top two teams announce their music; other skaters also give interviews.

The week after the United States gathered their skaters for annual Champs Camp, Canada followed in their wake with their High Performance Camp. Here, there were more test skates, as well as multiple interviews with top skaters the federation put up on YouTube. They had ladies champion Kaetlyn Osmond explain it all on Wednesday on Facebook, and also show the shooting of promotional footage for TV on Friday.

Though these test skates, too, were closed to the public, they were open to the other skaters, and we received a bunch of clips courtesy ladies skater Alaine Chartrand. The ice dance ones have been combined into one large video, which is useful, since they’re the first look we’re getting at any of the programs of the country’s top three teams.

That wasn’t all we got of Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir.  As well two more brief clips from their free dance, we even got a longer clip of Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir’s short dance, which apparently makes us of the Eagles “Hotel California,” and benefits from their strong chemistry:

Moir’s comments about Latin feeling too familiar these days is one of the more amusing moments of their interview:

It’s nice to hear how enthusiastic they are about Moulin Rouge. That soundtrack is starting to achieve overused status lately, but Virtue & Moir, being Virtue & Moir, will probably do one of the best free dances ever done to it anyway. What we’ve seen so far look promising enough. In a second interview, they mention the short dance also features the Rolling Stones and Carlos Santana, but we don’t know how that’s going to sound like. The latter’s more likely to easily fit in with this opening, though.

We also got more brief clips of Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Pojé, though of all the program filmed by Chartrand, their free dance is the one we got the most feel for. Pojé is right when he says in this interview that, despite this being a warhorse piece, it’s very them:

(Weaver may now proudly wave the Canadian flag, but she hasn’t forgotten her Texan roots, especially when her family still lives there. She talked also this week about the heartbreak of seeing her childhood home devastated by Harvey, especially since while her family has moved and their home has been safe, she has friends among those hit.)

There’s no interview with Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier posted, but one fan has posted their free dance clip from Chartrand and identified the music:

They’re known for doing creative free dances along this line, and they’ve done similar themes enough to suggest they could be really good at film noir, with Gilles making an excellent femme fatale with Poirier as her hardboiled detective.

Lubov Iliuschechkina & Dylan Moscovitch do reveal their long program music, which, like their short program music, is an 80s breakup song, though one more plain sad than “In the Air Tonight”:

They also talk about their excitement for the upcoming season and the Olympics. We still don’t know about her getting Canadian citizenship in time, but it doesn’t sound like they’re worried about that.

You have to be bilingual to fully understand Julianne Séguin & Charlie Bilodeau’s interview, and they don’t specify their music (though we already know their short program’s to Lorde’s “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”), but her opening comments about still struggling with injuries are news, confirming what we already had to fear after they pulled out of their Summer Series event:

It seems they just can’t catch a break when it comes to staying healthy.

We’ve already seen the programs of most of Canada’s top singles skaters, with the exception of Kevin Reynold’s long program.  He names the music and talks about it in a video where he also reveals he’s expanding his quad repertoire:

It seems very likely that by “The Armed Man,” he means Karl Jenkins’s symphony, especially since it has the described themes of war and peace, and Jenkins in the kind of composer he goes for. If these programs are as good as he’s claiming, and he managed to rotate and land three different quads, he’ll be likely indeed to grab that second spot to the Olympics.

Patrick Chan’s interview focuses more on trying to make this Olympic season different from the last two:

Chan emphasizes in another interview he did he’s not getting too ambitious technically. So his winning gold looks less likely, but his skating well at the Olympics for once looks more likely, which, given his chances for each, is probably a reasonable tradeoff.

Kaetlyn Osmond and Gabrielle Daleman’s interviews are more general reflections on programs we’ve seen already and the big breakthroughs they both managed last season:

Next week come the Russian test skates, where hopefully we’ll get more things to watch.


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