A Second Long Debuts and Other Music News

Vincent Zhou debuts new Moulin Rogue long; Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte among skaters making late music announcements.

As the Junior Grand Prix series gets underway and the senior series gets ever closer, some skaters are still only announcing their music now. Others are still giving us first looks ahead of time. In the past few days, we’ve had bits and pieces of news and looks come from around the world, including one program debuted in an ice show.

That came last week. Even as Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir were talking about their Moulin Rouge free skate up in Canada, down south Vincent Zhou was debuting his at Kristi Yamaguchi’s Golden Moment show:

However he compares once we see theirs, for now he’s filled with beautiful feeling when he skates his program. The switch might have actually been the right choice for him, despite the timing of using this music.

We’re also still get preview clips. We got one from Belgian skater Jorik Hendrickx of his free program:

Free program – En Aranjuez con tu Amor – Il Divo – #roadtopyeongchang #figureskating

A post shared by Jorik Hendrickx (@jorik.hendrickx) on

This music is undisputedly overused, but he’s feeling it more than Zhou is.

Some announcements are still coming out from the biggest skaters. Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte’s music came out this week along with the German skating magazine Pirouette. According to it, their short dance combinesa cha cha cha to “Kaboom” by Ursula 1000, then sambas to “Skip to the Beat” by Club des Belugas and “1 to 8.” No rumba; they’re probably doing the pattern as the cha cha cha. One wonders if they’re really ending with the last one, though; that’s riskier. Perhaps the magazine did not list the pieces in order of us.

Their free dance is to the soundtrack of La Vita e Bella (more commonly known as Life is Beautiful). That’s pretty conventional, even if it’s a less common choice in dance than in the other disciplines. Also one that will get the home crowd going at the World Championships, which is probably part of their reason for using it. They were planning to debut it at home at the Lombardia Trophy next week, though now there’s a report they’re out because she cut her hand. Hopefully that’s a minor affair which will be long healed by the Grand Prix.

Han Yan is scheduled to compete this week at one of China’s internal competitions, which we may not necessarily get even information on, let alone footage. But his fan van claims to know what his music is:

“A Thousand Years” has kind of transcended Twilight, though, so he needn’t be too ashamed about that. Reusing “I’ll Take Care of You” would be annoying, but to be fair, he got too little chance to skate it well last year.

One soundtrack that’s not getting used nearly enough also found an ice dance team this year. Germans Kavita Lorenz & Joti Polizoakis, who abandoned their first free dance music when they changed coaches, announced on Facebook their new choice is the 2005 Pride and Prejudice. This achingly beautiful score isn’t the easiest thing for anyone to skate too, and dancers probably find it harder, but it’ll be worth it if they can pull it off.

Deniss Vasiljevs at least report will debut at Lombardia, and he announced his free skate music early:

He did a show program involving the Michael Bublé version of “Sway” earlier, so it’s probably that. Consistent with his style, too.

From Japan, on the other hand, the news was yet another new program getting abandoned. Marin Honda will not attempt a tango-off with Mai Mihara after all. She’s turning that into her short program, and getting a new short set to music she talks about encountering in her coach’s car, if Google Translate is to be believed. She talks about that being her motivation, but the fact that she’s abandoning it right away, and even skating to last year’s short at the International Classic in Salt Lake City, before getting the new program ready before Skate Canada, indicates there were objections to the abandoned program as well. We may never know what they were.

With the Russian test skates starting tomorrow we’ll hopefully get more news. Maybe even more footage.


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