Lance Hunter Returns To Agents of SHIELD

In a move to make things slightly righter, Agent of SHIELD finds a way to bring back one of Marvel’s Most Wanted.

With The Inhumans quietly slipping father back in the promotional queue for ABC, despite it’s premiere in a few weeks, instead Agents of SHIELD is getting an exclusive announcement, declaring that Nick Blood is back, baby!

As fans will remember last year (and two seasons ago), Nick Blood (yes that’s his real name) and Adrianne Palicki who played Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse on Agents of SHIELD were written off the show, in anticipation of ABC picking up a spin-off starring the two of them, under the name Marvel’s Most Wanted. Then, at the 11th hour, after the pilot was shot and ready to go, they trashed it. That left Agents of SHIELD down two characters, and these poor actors out of jobs.

There was hope that somehow the show would find a way to bring the two of them back last year, in one of the “pod” mini season-within-a-season that the show breaks down into. But no such luck. It took a summer off, but the writers have now come up with a way to at least bring back one: Lance Hunter.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show is keeping all of what will bring Hunter back to the fold under wraps (as well as where Bobbi is that she’s not with him anymore.) But….

Details on what brings Blood back, or even how long he’ll be sticking around, are being kept tightly under wraps, but EW has an exclusive first look at Blood back on set.

Check it out!

Agents of SHIELD will return later in the Fall season as soon as The Inhumans finished it’s run, and will air on Fridays at 9pm.



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