Project Runway Season 16 Recap: Sleeping On The Job

If there’s a sleepover somewhere with the Project Runway cast, then Heidi must be thinking Intimates thoughts about her business. 

Project Runway is once again having a sleep over, which can only mean one things — this week the challenge is an ad for Heidi’s sleepwear line. While Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum crow over their ability to rent the top of the Empire State Building for it, did you accidentally feel yourself cringe? You should.

The last time the show did this was one of the worst weeks in Season 14 — one where the cast slept over in the studio (because budget) and made bras and panties, rather than pyjamas. Well, sort of. The production trusted the designers so little, they actually had them pin fabric to already made bras and panties — and then the judges turned around and awarded the win to the only contestant who had the balls to ignore the brief, as it were. (If that weren’t enough of an embarrassment, The Great British Sewing Bee also did a bra challenge that same TV season, where the amateur home sewers to a woman and man showed up the semi professionals of ProjRun.)


They’re being smarter this time — making pyjamas, not undies. They’re also combining this with the “Make Your Own Textile” challenge — but by hand not by computer. Did HP pull their sponsorship, finally, after all these years? Oh I guess they did.

At least those who all suffered sleeping outdoors on the Empire State Building look out tower are blessed with breakfast sandwiches the next morning, as well as 11 hours in the workroom the next day. (But no morning shower.) There’s no trip to Mood, all fabrics that aren’t the handpainted ones they make are provided by Heidi from her warehouse. They’re really hard silks to work with, and there are many sobs over the machines throughout the episodes from working with it.

Since this is a look that Heidi will have to produce and sell via her company, she’ll be accompanying Tim on his rounds. Let’s see how badly this goes.

  • Shawn: Tim is floored she got something on the dress form for once. Heidi sneers that her jumpsuit idea is impractical.
  • Deyonté: He’s got a marbled tee-shirt with a chevron pattern. Heidi calls his color choices loud and says the chevron points at the “vajayjay.”
  • Ayana: Since this is intimates, she’d not going for modest — at all. Heidi is floored. (Muslims don’t wear their hijab inside the house people!)
  • Batani: Heidi asks her what she wears to bed.
  • Margarita: She’s making a kimono. Heidi likes the ombré until Tim calls it menstrual cycle.
  • Brandon: Something about removable pants? Heidi worries about string length.
  • Michael: He’s is a strap mess in the back. Heidi calls it a cobweb.
  • Samantha: She said applique sand I stopped listened. Heidi says “tramp stamp.
  • Claire: Heidi calls her painted design “like you sat on a strawberry.” Tim calls it basic.
  • Amy: She’s making panties with a cityscape on the butt. Heidi looks perplexed.
  • Kenya: She’s been panicking for the last hour. Tim wonders why the fabric doesn’t match her initial drawing. Heidi wonders if it’s sleepwear.
  • Kentaro: His print is freaking him out because it’s not perfect. Heidi tells him to stop.
  • Aaron: Heidi says “oooh” when she sees his fabric. It might be the first good review all day.

Despite Heidi’s mean reviews she tells them all they’re on the right track before flouncing out. The model fittings are semi disasters. Kentaro has no idea how to deal with plus sized models, and made a bag. Kenya got one of the best models, but has nothing to put on her. Claire and Shawn are insufferable as always, and their models throw plenty of side eye. Aaron is unhappy that painting silk makes it not behave like silk anymore. Whodathunkit?

Day of runway: everyone is worried about time, even though they had 11 hours the day before. Claire and Shawn are literally yelling at each other, with this terrible idea that A will help B and then B will help A, which basically means that someone might not get their outfit done, since they’re not focusing on their own stuff.

Let’s head down to the runway.


Heidi is wearing all black this week, and reminding everyone why black is always the new black. Nina is wearing feather sleeves to try to get into the spirit of pyjamas. Zac sadly did not follow suit. The guest judge this week is Demi Lovato, who is promoting her next album, which we all forgot about when Kelly Clarkson dropped hers this week. We assume The Tim Gunn Save™ is in effect, as Heidi does not mention it, or the AnthonyRyan Rule™

Mushy Middle


Amy: Boring.


Brandon: Yawn.


Margarita: Nice dip dye job.


Claire: Looks like it was done in five minutes.


Batani: Hi boobies. (Love the fabric though.)


Ayana: More modest than originally promised.


Samantha: A sailor suit.



Kentaro: His shape improved after the fitting, and it’s a great textile. Heidi loves the easy design. Nina calls it charming, and fminine, but in a modern way. Zac notes correctly that it’s well draped, which is what Kentaro did once he had the model’s body and course corrected.


Shawn: Better than expected. Nina is side eyeing her, but praises the print, and says she’s glad to see this side of her. but Heidi admits that finally one of the twins pulled things together. Zac calls it “pyjama glamour.”


Michael: Art deco. Fun and Strappy! Heidi calls it sophisticated and expensive looking. Zac calls it “Deco Cleopatra.” Demi notes it’s one of the few that was practical while still having design. Nina loves the straps. Heidi is head over ears about it, and picks this one as the one she will sell, giving him the win.



Kenya: That neckline is unfortunate on the robe. Then she takes the robe off and it’s worse. We knew she would be a disaster, but it’s even worse. The hook and eye broke and she sewed the girl in, which only make Heidi madder. Zac tries to get her to stop crying by praising the color palette. Nina says at least she didn’t take the easy way out, even though she clearly struggled. They send her to safety first too.


Aaron: The paint ruined the fabric flow. Heidi is so sad the really awesome print turned into this. Nina calls it shabbily made. Demi hates the shorts. Zac is more distracted by Aaron’s actual outfit than his design.


Deyonté: It looks like a basic dress more than sleepwear. Better when untied, but barely. Nina looks ill, and points out the armholes are too small. She calls the untied look “a hospital gown.” Demi hates the elastic band.

This leaves Deyonté in the bottom for a second week in a row, and Aaron, who has a great fabric pattern idea, but screwed himself. One might think Deyonté might be safe a second time, but Heidi decides no. There was nothing redeeming about it, whereas Aaron at least had a good idea, even if his fabric didn’t cooperate.



One thought

  1. I think Samantha’s is stunning! Even if it is a little borderline 20s costume. I want to buy it immediately.


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