Project Runway NYFW Spring 2018: Guess The Designers

It’s that time again — the mysterious top six of Project Runway have presented at NYFW, and it’s time to guess who’s line is whose.

As is now the way of things, Project Runway showed at New York Fashion Week last Friday morning, just as I was posting my recap for this week. With more than ten contestants left in the competition, it is impossibly for all to show dummy collections. So instead our Top Six finalists presented, technically anonymously to all those not inside the tent for filming.

Personally, I always thought Lifetime allowing it when it was a Top 8, Top 9 or Top 10 cheapened this being the grand prize as it was. It’s one thing to allow two extra competitors to make dummy collections. It’s quite another when more than half the cast gets to have their work walk the runway, and then everyone acts like they didn’t.

We have, as we do every year, picked an outfit from each line for our readers to get a sense of what each line looked like, and to guess who among those that are left will be making the Top Six — and of those, which two are the dummy collections and which are the four who will be acknowledged as showing at NYFW when the time comes to air the episode.


Meanwhile, until then, consider how you feel about Jessica Alba as our finale guest judge, and also Heidi’s purple girftwrap outfit, complete with ginormous 1980s style bow. Also, seriously, Zac Posen, find your light dude.

Check out the contenders below! Full disclosure — having seen all six lines, I am currently only certain of three of my guesses. The only three lines, I am less sure about, and am curious to hear what you think!


Collection A


Collection B


Collection C


Collection D


Collection E


Collection F

Please place your guesses in the comments. Our next Project Runway recap will post this coming Friday morning.


4 thoughts

  1. In order: Ayani, Kenya, Brandon, Shawn, (?) and Michael.

    Too bad for Amy, I wanted her to be on the finale. Maybe the fourth outfit is hers, not Shawn’s.


    1. I really want you to be wrong about Shawn… But that doesn’t mean you are. Both twins are just obnoxious as hell. (Also, I’m banking on the reason Claire survived this week is they want to send them home as a pair…. Hey, maybe Claire is Collection 5, and they are double eliminated right before the finale? Still would make me upset they get that far.)


  2. Many of my suspicions were similar to Ray’s:
    A) Ayana; B) Kenya; C) Brandon; D) Margarita [*maybe* Batani]; F) Kentaro

    Collection E stumped me, too, but I have a crazy thought I just can’t shake: Could this be ChaCha?

    I look at ChaCha’s one and only PR design and can’t help but see some real similarities between it and the couple of pictures of this collection that various entertainment outlets have published.

    We saw in the season trailer that Michael’s ire at the Twins leads to the Very Serious Talk with Tim. We also saw who the guest judge was that week, and it wasn’t the guest judge previewed for next week. Perhaps Michael is auf-ed when in the Bottom 3 with the Twins, and was angry at the result because the Twins constantly cheat (um…”collaborate”). The Twins may be double-eliminated for cheating, a la Season 3’s Keith Michael, but Michael may not be given a reprieve (especially if he had some blame in the events leading to the Very Serious Talk). Plausibly, this could happen the week that was supposed to result in the Top 7, but suddenly results in a Top 5.

    If whatever happens is something TBTB don’t want to reward, that would mean withholding dummy collection honors from Michael, Claire, and Shawn. If whatever happens is interesting, production likely doesn’t want to tip their hand on a major storyline by having the person eliminated the week prior show a dummy collection (especially if that person has a distinctive style). What then?

    It might not have been the *right* choice, but PR isn’t always known for their right choices… : )


  3. This is so hard at this stage of the game. I’m still trying to learn all their names, let alone their signature styles! With that said, however, I am dead certain about the first three lines:
    A) Ayana; B) Shawn (disco shorts give it away); C) Brandon (the loops!)

    My best guesses on the other three: D) Batani; E) Kentaro?; F) Michael??

    My first thought was Kentaro for Line F. But the more I looked at Line E the more I saw Tokyo street style, especially in the white socks with white sandals. Also, Kentaro’s been getting the critique of not taking his looks far enough, being too safe and basic, so I could almost see him trying to push the envelope with this.


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