Project Runway Season 16 Recap: Good vs Evil

Project Runway has a moment to define their contestants by assigning them looks of Good and Evil. Guess who winds up evil….

This week, the designers are rounded up and shipped off to a castle. No, not across the sea where the real castles are, but Lyndhurst Castle This is the point when I remind you that Lifetime is owned by A&E which is a subsidiary of the Disney/ABC Television conglomerate. I say this because it’s time to hawk a tween aged Disney movie I’ve not heard of. (Even better, it’s a sequel to a tweenaged movie I’ve not heard of!) The stars standing with Tim are also people I’ve not heard of, Dove Cameron and China Anne McClain.

Their sequel it turns out isn’t based on a new story — it’s an updated spin-off franchise using the children of Disney’s already known characters, both the heroines and witches. It’s Fairy Tales: The Next Generation! Said “good” and “evil” characters are the inspiration for the challenge, with half the contestants doing a “good character” and the other designing “evil.”


Disney must have really ponied up. Not only do they have $300 for a Mood budget, but it’s a two-day challenge. Michael, as the winner of last week’s challenge, gets to assign the “good” and “evil” to each of the contestants. Naturally, he picks evil for himself. As for everyone else:

Good: Amy, Brandon, Kentaro, Aaron, Ayana, Claire
Evil: Michael, Kenya, Samantha, Shawn, Margarita, Batani

The first day flies by, and some of the designers even have the gall to complain they have too much time to work. I would really love Christian Siriano and Chris March to walk in and slap them upside the head for wasting it.


Let’s see what Tim says about the direction everyone is going in, now that they have no time left to course correct.

  • Brandon: His ice cream pink striped fabric is ugly. Tim looks perplexed.
  • Claire: She called it the Little Mermaid earlier. Now it looks like her evil step mother in law. Tim shakes his head.
  • Michael: His gold lace took over. Tim worries it’s matronly.
  • Amy: She has a pink nightgown and a fabric that looks like the kitchen curtains. Tim tries to get her to talk herself out of pairing them.
  • Ayana: Her white lace has not taken over, but her ombre dark olive skirt is ugly.
  • Batani: “Dark queen silk,” she says. “Put it on top,” Tim replies.
  • Shawn: Her evil is black leather goth boredom.
  • Aaron: There’s a big bag of muslin that falls into a skirt. What? Tim looks like he wants to bash his head into a wall.
  • Kenya: She bought a tiny bit of fabric, and she is making it work like whoa.
  • Kentaro: He has different shades of nothing, and Tim thinks it’s a mistake.
  • Margarita: It’s dull. Tim says it’s beautiful. Potato, potahto.
  • Samantha: She loves Disney, and she has the most interesting fabric in the room. She just doesn’t know what to do with it. Tim worries she needs to evolve it past the “craft” stage.

The models arrive to express their opinions. Some of the designers even listen, which, why not? Shawn and Claire make every week a team challenge anyway, which they’re doing again this week once the models leave. Hell, Michael stops his own work and cuts Aaron’s fabric because he’s so behind, since he was so afraid of screwing the fabric up once he sliced in. Team challenges for all!

Day of runway, and Claire runs around like a chicken with no head. Tim wanders in and reminds them not to make costumes. At this point, some of them (Aaron) just need to make something so their model doesn’t go down the runway naked.

Let’s see how not impressed the Disney children are by all this.


Heidi dressed like an adult this week, hopefully inspired by those who are here who are underage. Zac left his jacket at home, or maybe the A/C isn’t working. Nina Garcia is dressed like she knew this would be the first episode to air after her promotion to Editor in Chief and transfer back to Elle would go public. The Disney children Dove Cameron and China Anne McClain are dressed in a way that suggests that the Disney suits who handle them were involved.

Mushy Middle


Shawn: My First GothClub Outfit


Kentaro: Dull.


Margarita: Evil nightgown.


Amy: Someone tell her sleep wear was last week.


Batani: Standard Disney Evil.


Ayana: Three dresses layered like cakes.



Michael: The feathery gold bits are funny. The lace is divine. He’s got immunity, and could have just gone for safe, and here he is in the top. Heidi calls his model a queen, and name checks Beyoncé. (Actually that gold pregnancy outfit Beyoncé wore is sort of like this.) Zac loves the feathers.


Kenya: Stunning. This is the best thing on the runway this week, hands down. This blood-red suit is delicious. Zac is impressed by the fabric. Nina loves it wasn’t a gown. She calls it smart, and says each of the design elements balance out. Heidi is amazed how she threw every design element in (she lists them all) and yet it works. She should have won. Totally robbed.


Brandon: Rag Doll Chic. Yeah, there’s weirdo side boob, but I can guess the judges will love it. Nina says she likes it because it’s not literal. Heidi calls it the modern straitjacket, and she means that as a compliment. Zac is getting a little bored with him though. And yet somehow he wins. (Whatever, people. Kenya should have won and we all know it.)



Samantha: It’s not bad, it’s just not…interesting enough. Zac is like…what….happened? He hates the fabric. Nina says the dress she’s wearing is better than the one she made. Heidi calls it 80s prom. At least she is sent to safety for another chance.


Claire: So boring. Zac calls it “Cinderella on her day off.” Nina calls it a cliché and declares it boring as well. Heidi says forgettable. The Disney girls try to be nice, and therefore say nothing.


Aaron: It looks like a ill-fitting jumpsuit made of parachute fabric. Heidi calls it a total mess. Zac asks what the strips are trying to hide. One of the Disney girls says she thought it was made of paper. Nina sneers at him “This is Project Runway, not Project Kindergarten.” She does have one positive critique: “I like the hair and make up.” OUCH.

Out of nowhere Heidi pulls the “one….OR MORE… of you will be out.” Is she faking it? Aaron is out immediately, but we knew that. (So did he.) Are we also finally rid of one of the twins as well? Sadly, no. Thanks for getting my hopes up Heidi and then not following through. Claire doesn’t even seem to have learned a lesson either. Good job, Good twin. Way to be evil.


2 thoughts

  1. The twins have got. to. go. They are annoying as hell, and yes, Kenya should have won, but Brandon is the golden boy.


  2. I have liked two of Brandon’s designs so far, but not this one at all. That side boob is killing me! This is straight jacket in a bad way. I’m starting to get a whiff of Anthony Ryan with this one…

    This week was so disappointing. Disney villains and heroines! The clothing should have been beautiful and dramatic, on the lines of Kenya’s robbed-of-a-win look, and Michael’s lace stunner. I was expecting bolder color palettes, at the very least.


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