The Best and Worst of the Tony Awards Red Carpet

It may have been Hamilton‘s night to clean up–11 awards won out of their record-breaking number of nominations. But the red carpet was far more egalitarian about having room for all types, both musical theater people and serious drama actors.

This being the theater awards, most of them didn’t list who they were wearing. (Sorry guys.) But that doesn’t mean we can poke at how they looked anyway.

1 Lupita-Nyong-o

There’s nothing A list folks love more than going downtown and slumming it with the poor. They pull up in designer duds and gawk at the stage actors doing the red carpet walk.

Take Lupita Nyong’o, her style is loaded, ut oh, but little does she know that the Top Ten contain both Angelica, Eliza, two ladies who know how to get us to all say

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The Good and the Interesting of the CFDAs Red Carpet

The Council of Fashion Designers of america held their annual awards ceremony last night, complete with Red Carpet, of course. Like the MET Gala, this is one of the highest end red carpet events in existence, populated with designers who usually don’t get to be in front of the cameras, usually with a model or two with them, wearing their signature designs.

The toniest of the categories is Womenswear Designer of the Year category, which was taken this year by Marc Jacobs. Thom Browne won for Menswear. But the one that everyone is talking about today is the winner of the fashion Icon Award. Usually this is announced ahead of time, like most Lifetime achievement Awards are, but the show kept the winner under wraps for maximum impact. Because that’s what you do when you want to honor Beyonce.

Beyonce in Givinchy

Beyonce arrived at the last minute, so only Vogue seems to have a picture of her and the family on the Red carpet–most other outlets went with her accepting the award in her Givenchy silver pinstriped suit.

As for the rest of the red carpet, to sort them into “Good” or “Bad” is to misundertsand the proceedings. These are the creme de la creme of designs–everyone who shows up is sporting the highest end of some designer or other. Everything else is merely a matter of taste.

We run them down, along with those modeling them, below.

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The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the MET Gala

The MET Gala finally allowed the plebeians to look in upon their oh so exclusive event, which is known as the Fashion Oscars in the industry. The Red Carpet for the MET Gala is one of the most high end events of the year, not only because it is when fashion designers come out to play and impress Anna Wintour, but because it is the only “themed” red carpet event of the year. Anything from 1950s style elegance to post punk have been recent suggestions. And finally, after resisting the opening of the fashion industry to anyone who wants to judge it by the internet and television for the last decade, Wintour allowed E! to broadcast the event liver on TV. (Ryan Seacrest was not on hand, and those broadcasting and interviewing had to stand behind the camera, not in front of it. Anna Wintour was not about to let her event become a circus or anything.)

This year, the theme was Manus x Machina, the man in the machine. Fashion meets tech.perhaps because of the cameras, perhaps because of the theme, the majority of the carpet followed the theme, or at least attempted too. (This is not always the case. The year they did punk, most women wore ballgowns anyway.) We have a huge amount of celebrities to get too, and even more than we left off because they just weren’t interesting enough. Buckle up, and let’s roll through these puppies.


1 Karlie-kloss In Brandon Maxwell

My personal favorite of the evening: Karlie Kloss In Brandon Maxwell. I loved the engineering of it, and play of the suit jacket and the fact that in turns the fabric looked like molded plastic, folded paper and something out of the 22nd century.

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The Bad and the Trying Too Hard of the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Line up Z-list celebrities. Y’all made me watch the MTV Movie Awards last night because I wanted to see the new Civil War footage, judge Suicide Squad in the wake of the Batman v Superman fiasco, and squeal over Newt Scamander as the 1920s fashions of the Wizarding World. (More squeeing on that subject can be found here.) But the rest of you? You were mostly awful. Line up and be judged wanting in your fashion choices.

The Less Terrible

1  charlize-theron

Any other time and place Charlize, and we’d be ok. But this is the MTV Movie Awards. Dress for the MTV Awards and then tone it down five notches. This is way too classy.

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