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Summertime on Sesame Street

It’s retro within retro for this mashup of Sesame Street lip syncing to the 1991 Will Smith/Jazzy Jeff hit “Summertime.”

Not that HBO would consider running things like this, but they should consider the wealth of these sorts of mash ups running around YouTube if they’re looking for “edgy” ways to promote their children’s show acquisition.

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Kermit The Frog Mistaken For Tea Lizard

Dear Good Morning America,

This is Kermit The Frog.

kermit the frog sipping tea

Not a “Tea Lizard.”

For those unaware, the above shot of Kermit T. Frog sipping on some Lipton ice tea from a commercial a few years back is a popular meme on Twitter. “To sip tea” is to coolly observe, or read, gossip in Twitter parlance. The image of Kermit causally sipping his tea, therefore, usually comes up when some celebrity gossip passes through the timeline, usually the type of gossip where the celebrity in question is making an ass of themselves.

Good Morning America, for reasons that are not exactly clear had some very clueless person this morning tweet out the question if the new “Lebron crying” meme from this weekend’s Game 7 win was good enough to join other long-standing memes. The question is, in and of itself, ridiculous. We only know if memes last if they last. Much lie if a viral video is viral for life, or if it is merely a flash in the pan, a la Chewbacca mom.

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Layana Aguilar Designs Look for Disney’s Next Princess

Layana Aguilar may have not made the finale of Project Runway: All Stars, but having now done the show twice, once on the ill fated “Teams” edition and a stint on all stars, she’s managed to raise her profile as a designer who draws on her Hispanic heritage (she’s Brazilian born) to catch the attention of someone else in the vast Dinsey empire that owns Lifetime and the Project Runway brand.

In a nice bit of cross promotion, both for Disney’s newest Princess, and for Aguilar, she’s been tapped to design the iconic “ballgown” look for Elena of Avalor.


Elena of Avalor, for those who don’t have small girl children who watch the Disney Channel, is the newest addition to the princess line up. No, she’s not getting a movie (yet.) The brand is still riding on 2014’s Frozen in that department. But her TV series debuts this summer, and “is forced to save her kingdom from an evil sorceress.” Aimee Carrero, who’s last stint was on ABC Family’s Freeform’s “Young and Hungry,” is going to star as the voice of Elena.

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The Promise of “The Muppets” Reboot

The  Muppets don’t return to television for their back-end episode order until February. But when they do, we’ve been promised that things will be improved.

The Muppets’ premiere on ABC was the most heralded show to come to ABC since the MCU decided to spin Agents of SHIELD to television. In terms of bring back an old franchise, it had the most hype of any revived franchise. Perhaps the expectations were simply too high, and the resulting show was never going to be what everyone hoped for. But, perhaps with the sole exception of Tough Pigs, everyone agrees that what arrived did not begin to meet expectations. As I described it at the time, “just because one’s run-of-the-mill sitcom stars Muppets does not automatically make it funny or worth watching.” Whether this was actually the attitude of those driving the bus, or just what wound up making it to air was not clear. But what was clear is that it couldn’t remain that way and survive.

ABC's "Good Morning America" - 2012

Unlike something like Agents of SHIELD, which could all but flop, and Disney and the MCU would still support it until it found its feet again, The Muppets have no such movie backstop. The Muppets returned to television because Disney discovered that remaking Muppet movies was a rapidly diminishing return venture. If they flopped on TV, there was nowhere to go, other than back into the vault, with occasional appearances on YouTube. And so a new showrunner was brought on. Kristin Newman (who runs the show Galavant–another ABC show that mysteriously came back despite ratings) has taken over, and in her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she’s said all the right things.

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