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Jackson on the Problem with “The Battle of the Five Armies”

Let us be real a second, for just a millisecond. By the time The Hobbit trilogy was over, everyone knew it had been a mistake. A George Lucas Star Wars prequels sized mistake. In trying to return to Middle Earth, Jackson had not only learned that he cannot go home again, but in many ways, detracted from his original set of movies in the process.

There’s one major difference though, between the Star Wars prequels and the The Hobbit trilogy. George Lucas has never admitted that he made a mistake. He’s never admitted that he all but killed his own franchise, and that if it weren’t for Disney, Star Wars would be something that got left in the 20th century when we moved on. Jackson, on the other hand, perhaps knowing that there is no Disney that will come along and revive the world he loved so much, has faced the reality of what he’s done. In a surprising six-minute “behind the scenes” segment from the DVD release, Jackson sits down with the camera and point-blank explains how it went wrong and why.

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The Hunger Games: 1992

With The Hunger Games slated to come out in only a few days, Vulture has crafted a video in which they imagine what the dystopian future would have looked like 20 years ago, before the CGI revolution.

Some of it looks exactly the same, just with a less crisp and polished video quality. Some of it… well…

Some of it is merely missing Arnold Schwarzenegger. And is that John Williams scoring it? I believe it is. Along with suits straight outta Tron.

Capitol Couture’s Final Issue

With The Hunger Games series nearly over, Capitol Couture, the fantastical website which chronicled faux designs from the fantasy of Panem is coming to an end. Their final issue, which came out this week, focused on “The Huntress.”


A strong and savage leader who isn’t afraid to take down her adversaries. Inspired by “defense mechanisms in nature,” her outerwear is a blend of trophies collected in the wild and found materials that function as protective armor. She is adorned in a crown of fabulous porcupine quills complemented by a whimsical leopard capelet.

Check out a few more designs from their final issue below.

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More on “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

The new Harry Potter movie had its first bout of major promotion last week, with a huge Entertainment Weekly cover story. It’s over a year away, but you can’t blame Warner Brothers for starting the hype train as soon as it could, considering that Pan and The Man from UNCLE were both huge flops this year.


But there are a few very concerning things about this new movie, and I’m not just talking about the Americanized word for Muggle being “NoMaj.”

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First Picture from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Yesterday Warner Brothers, (who is having a very bad year) released the first image from their lord and savior movie trilogy Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Today, Entertainment Weekly releases the first salvo of what the movie will look like with a glimpse of Eddie Redmayne in costume.


You can see why they were originally thinking of casting Matt Smith. Newt Scamander looks a lot like a Doctor. Perhaps 14 or 15?

Check out the whole look below.

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JK Rowling Engages in Sirius Black-mail

Look, I know there’s a World Cup going on and no one in America has noticed, but over ont he other side of the Pond, the Rugby championships are pretty much everything. So much so that JK Rowling is willing to bribe her team (Scotland) to win.

Some people now felt they had to support her team….

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