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“For the Love Of Spock” Trailer

Though in comparison to the BBC’s year long celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the celebration for the same  anniversary of Star Trek may feel thin, for some, this is the perfect time to jump in on the renewed interest in the series. The new movie, Star Trek: Beyond, has gotten good reviews despite itself and its marketing campaign which seemed ashamed to admit it was a Star Trek movie. (This seems to be because it is decidedly not Star Trek Into Darkness.) The TV show is coming to CBS.

And now, we have a documentary on the life of Leonard Nimoy, who passed away in February of last year. Directed by his son, Adam Nimoy, it was kickstartered into existence, and will available to watch on-line starting September 9th. (They are also releasing it to theaters, but only in limited distribution.)

As this was a project funded with fan love, it is also a documentary made with love. What I’m saying is, if you don’t have tissues handy, go grab a box before you press “play.”


CBS’s Star Trek TV Series Will Be on Netflix

Are you a huge Star Trek fan? Were you not looking forward to having to sign up and pay for yet another goddamn streaming channel that CBS was trying to force down our throats just to watch the new Star Trek TV show? Well, you’re in luck, because Netflix has just rescued us from all having to stream from yet another place we have not streamed before.

As you may have heard (and all Star Trek fans certainly have) CBS, which has the TV rights to the franchise (as opposed to Paramount, which has movie rights), is launching the first small screen series of Trek since Enterprise died a largely ignored death in 2005. And as you also may have heard, only the pilot episode will be airing on terrestrial/digital based televisions. The rest of the season will be available via CBS’s All Access, the brand new streaming channel they’ve been looking to launch, as more and more households cut cable all together and stream their shows a la carte.trek-cbs

For many fans–especially the older group who have not cut their cable cords, the idea of saddling ourselves with yet another streaming channel for $9.99 (or whatever they’re charging) seemed like a bridge too far. But now, we have been handed a reprieve. Netflix has signed a deal to bring the show to their streaming site.

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Idris Elba on his Star Trek: Beyond Villian

I have little to no hope for this movie, starting with the fact that any Star Trek movie that refuses to use the words “Star Trek” on the posters out of some weird sense of shame are already self defeating before reaching the cinema.

That it looks like the made the same mistake with Idris Elba as X-Men: Apocalypse did with Oscar Isaac–making the handsomest man in the film utterly unrecognizable under layers of prosthesis–only serves to deepen that suspicion.

It doesn’t help that Elba says “He’s a very complex character–you can tell right away, that’s a bad guy!”

Complex, huh? Ok then.

The Enterprise NC-1701 Goes Up At the Smithsonian Air&Space

For a decade of my life, I did special events in Washington DC, which mean loading in gear for dinners and events in all of the Smithsonian Museums. But none was more hateful than having to work at the National Air and Space Museum. The carpet is so thick in the DC museum, case wheels sink into it. Everything out at the Hazy drips with oil and other gunk. And both museums stretch on for days, which means that every day there equaled miles and miles of walking.

I have never set foot in either one since leaving that job (though I have cheerfully gone to others, like the Portrait gallery, the American Indian Museum and the National Art galleries with no complaint.) But now, for the first time, there is a reason for me to break that vow. The Enterprise is there. No, not the shuttle–that used to be at Hazy, and I crawled under that quite enough thank you–but the NC-1701, from the original Star Trek series.

Apparently the Smithsonian’s had it for years, stilling in the basement gathering dust. (This should not shock people.) But with everyone suddenly realizing it’s the 50th anniversary this year, they grabbed it out, did a painstaking restoration, and put it out for tourists to come gawk at. (Good job at keeping that 50th anniversary stuff under wraps, Paramount–sort of like the “Beyond” posters don’t actually say Star Trek? You know, by this time in the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who year, we’d already had 6 three-hour specials , with six more to come *and* an actual 50th anniversary special episode.)

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Rihanna Based Stark Trek: Beyond Trailer

There are a lot of improvements that have gone into this trailer. Finally, for the first time I do not feel like I am watching a promo for “Fast and Furious in Space.”

But that doesn’t mean I feel liek I’m watching a Star Trek trailer either. In fact, what I feel like I’m watching is a fan cut film, set to Rihanna’s new single that some small time YouTube user made and accidentally got released instead of the trailer.

Even so, it’s such an improvement to what had been released prior to this, I think if it is just accidentally a fan made trailer*, it was the right choice.

(*It is not a fan made trailer. Rihanna aparently has hits in the 23rd century. To be fair, that’s not perhaps as far fetched as one might have once assumed….)

It should also be noted that this trailer comes on the heels of Anton Yelchin’s tragic death last week. Rihanna’s mournful track may not fit in with what most think of “Star Trek” but it does fit the mood of this movie’s release in light of his passing.

Anton Yelchin 1989-2016

First impressions are hard to break, and 2016 certainly did not make a good one, when in it’s first weeks of arrival, it killed off David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Glenn Frey is quick succession. Since then, it feels like we’ve lost too many this year, including Prince and Muhammad Ali in the last couple of months.

But yesterday’s shock announcement that Anton Yelchin had been killed in a freak accident at home when he was run over by his own car was something else entirely. After all, Bowie, and Rickman died of cancer after a long life. Prince and Ali had made their marks and hit their highest highs. But Yelchin was only just at the beginning of his career. At 27, he had launched to Hollywood as Chekov in the now coming up on three Star Trek reboot movies, and had wowed in smaller indie roles in Like Crazy and The Green Room. (The latter of which also starred Star Trek alum Patrick Stewart.)

The shock of Yelchin’s passing hit everyone, from his Star Trek coworkers, to most of Hollywood.

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