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Tunes for Tuesday: Sia ft Sean Paul “Cheap Thrills”

If someone were to make a song that captured the sound of the mid twenty teens, it would have the following hallmarks:

  • a raggae type beat, either real or faux
  • a female vocalist
  • a male voice on the bridge and/or the breakdown
  • electronic riffs that aren’t to-to EDM.

Bullet point one is why Sean Paul, after a decade of dormancy, is now the featured artist on Sia’s new number one track (which finally knocked Drake’s “One Dance” out of the Billboard penthouse after 10 weeks and counting.) Bullet points 2-4 are why this is Sia’s first Number One hit of her career.

This is from Sia’s album This Is Acting, which is a compilation of tracks she wrote for other artists that they then rejected. Unsurprisingly, this was originally meant for Rihanna. (Sia wrote RiR’s Number One hit “Diamonds” a couple of years back.) It seems to have all worked out in Sia’s favor though. The best part is that this track was actually released five months ago, but it took the heat kicking in and the summertime vibe to finally give it the push it needed to get all the way up the charts.



Beyoncé Leads VMA Nominations Because Of Course She Does

The MTV Music Video Awards are planning to get in formation, just as soon as Beyoncé agrees to come grace them with her presence.

Beyoncé, for the record, doesn’t need MTV. Beyoncé doesn’t play with basic cable. She’s not TV, she’s HBO. So in order to entice the Queen Bey to step foot on their once powerful channel that now is home to also ran Game of Thrones wannabe programming and which has to sprint to keep up with Kardashians. They’ve nominated her for 11 awards, more than they’ve ever offered her before.


Only Adele even comes close with eight nominations, which means that MTV thinks they only need to offer her just offer half of what they’re offering Beyoncé to get her to fly all the way from London, while Bey only needs to hop on her private plane for a three-hour jaunt to the same show. Heck, they even added a category for Beyoncé to have an extra nomination, Breakthrough Long Form Video. (I suppose they feared 10 wouldn’t be seen as enough.)

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Tunes for Tuesday: Melinda Doolittle Graces PostModern Jukebox

One of the best of the American Idol alumni runner ups finally graces PostModern Jukebox, Melinda Doolittle, the Season 6 third place finisher brings her buttery voice and turns Britney Spears’ “Toxic” into a vintage 1930s torch song.

I’m going to miss Melinda’s analysis of Idol over on TVLine since the show is now defunct. (At least until it gets rebooted in ten year’s time.) But if it gives her more time to do one off singles for things like PostModern Jukebox’s SquadGoals album (out now on iTunes, by the way), then I am here for it.


Olympic Theme: “Rise” By Katy Perry

In the pop star wars, Katy Perry is currently winning this round. She cornered the campaign song for Hillary Clinton, and now she’s landed the song of the Olympics.

Look, the fact is, the Olympics in Rio are bad press central, but once the Games begin, it’s going to be in everyone’s interest to paper over the folks who didn’t show up because of Zika fears, or the dead bodies washing up on shore. It’s going to be the exactly as it is every four years–a focus on the incredible feats of derring do, just like it always is. The ratings will be through the roof, and hopefully not even Donald trump will be able to ruin things.

And hey, since Boris Johnson is now Foreign Secretary, maybe we’ll be lucky and he’ll catch Zika while he’s over there.

Tunes for Tuesday: Chvrches

I haven’t given enough love to Chvrches on this blog–partly because I have no idea how to pronounce their name out loud. (Not that I should hold that against them, I suppose.) but their newest track out this week, featuring Hayley Williams of the crash and burn unit Paramore, is a poppy little gem of a tune with a hella fun animated video.

The band’s animated look was created by artist Jamie McKelvie, who also does the band’s posters, and animated by the outfit Mighty Nice.

Below, Chvrches other major track, though Hayley-less, “Clearest Blue”

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