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Patrick Stewart’s Latest Role: “Cowboy Pat”

On July 4th, I roused myself from my knitting, my poolside lounge chair and my delicious food and consented to look upon the internet. And to my horror, Patrick Stewart was trending on Twitter.

In 2016, that’s only meant one thing–a celebrity has passed. But by the grace of god, in fact Patrick Stewart was alive and well and…. He’d just announced he was putting out a country album.


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Tunes for Tuesday: The Light of The Seven

I am not a movie or TV soundtrack person. There are a few TV themes I’m attached too–like the Downton Abbey opening for instance–but in general I’m not big on dramatic orchestrations that play underneath the drama. It has to be a really well done piece of music placed just right for me to even notice mot of the time….and that’s the way it should be. Unless it’s a musical, the music should be subtly enhancing, not getting in the way aurally.

I have made a couple of exceptions for Game of Thrones. The opening theme, for instance is not only iconic, but had such a strong bone structure that there are literally hundreds of covers, all of them good. Ramin Djawadi, who composed it, and the music that plays during the show is very good at his job. Half the time I don’t even notice the aural cues of this character’s theme or that one. The major exception is Drogon’s Theme, but that’s a piece of music buried in a  larger piece known as “The Dance of Dragons”

It starts about 1:36 into the track. It’s a gorgeous mournful moment, but it’s only the back 90 seconds of the track.

Then “The Light of the Seven” happened last Sunday. And I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since.

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Tunes for Tuesday: Disclosure

The EDM duo Disclosure has just dropped tracks from their forthcoming EP, Moog For Love, on this lovely Tuesday afternoon. Consider these their bids for Song of the Summer. Current leading contender: “Feel Like I Do,” which has an Al Green sample that deserves to be blasted while driving with the top down.

Below, two more tracks to groove along to.

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Tunes for Tuesday: Leslie Odom feat Daveed Diggs “Good For You”

Let’s be upfront about this. The original version of this song, sung by Selena Gomez, with a rap breakdown by A$AP Rocky, is godawful. Excruciating, in fact. It’s everything wrong with messages to girl about their sexuality–that they should ascribe to a relationship where their entire goal is to look for a man. And then even worse, it’s a track that goes nowhere. it just sort of limply croons along dripping listlessly, and just as you think the song might kick in, or you know, do something, it ends. (Also, can someone explain A$AP Rocky to me? Have we reached a point where we can no longer distinguish good rappers from bad?)

Anyway, so when I was told that Leslie Odom–he of Aaron Burr and Hamilton fame, has put out a cover of the track, I was highly skeptical. Even with a promise of costar Daveed Diggs–he of Layfette/Jefferson and Hamilton fame–doing a much better rap breakdown, hope seemed slim.

Then I listened to it.

I’ll take an entire album of these, once the two leave the show post-Tonys. Please and thank you.


Tunes for Tuesday: Wild Beasts “Get My Bang”

We’re still featuring songs of the summer, as the weather heats up (finally) and the tops of cars come off. This week’s entry comes from the English group Wild Beasts, with their single “Get My Bang.”

The song is from their fifth studio album Wild Boy, which doesn’t come out until August. But with a lead track like this to advertise it, perhaps the indie outfit, known for their electronic edged rock, will finally find themselves getting some attention.

Tunes for Tuesday: Kristian Nairn

Hodor? No, DJ. Kristian Nairn may be famous for his portrayal on the mononymed character on Game of Thrones (and now his heartbreaking demise, and even more tragic backstory), but Nairn has been quietly using his fame to carve out the career he really wants when his time on the show was up. Last year, while Bran and Co sat out the season, Nairn started a tour called Rave of Thrones, where he traveled the world DJing for clubs to huge crowds of Hodor fans. Now, with his official leavetaking from the show known to all, he’s got three tracks he’s released, working towards the inevitable full length album in the next year or so.

For those who are not into EDM, this will probably be your cup of tea. For the rest of us, groove on.

More below, including “4Love” (featuring Salt Ashes on vocal) and “Up.”

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